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    First DE Event

    All, I'm planning my first DE event at Road Atlanta in June, any advice/recommendations that experienced drivers might have?  I've read through PCA's Drivers Education Guide, which provided alot of good information, just looking for some additional tips.  Thanks in advance for everyone's time.

    2005 Black 997 Carrera S

    Re: First DE Event

    You're going to have a great time!  At first you'll be apprehensive and concerned for your car, etc.  But the instructor will demonstrate the fundamentals to you and after a few laps behind the wheel you'll say to yourself, "Hey, I can actually do this!".

    Some guys/gals are naturally talented and will start going faster right away.  Others, like me, have to learn incrementally so it will take a little longer.  But no matter, it's not a race and the driving environment is carefully controlled.  There's no concern about coming up on somebody dawdling along, text messaging, eating a sandwich, etc.  Actually I feel a little safer on the track than I do on the freeway.

    I've been to ten of them held at three different tracks.   I'm much smoother and a good deal faster.  I wish I'd learned about the HPDE events a long time ago.


    2008 GT3


    Re: First DE Event

    Thx for feedback, I'm really looking forward to the event. I had a chance to drive a few parade laps at Sebring this year and got hooked!!

    2005 Black 997 Carrera S

    Re: First DE Event

     Well I just completed my first DE event and I have to admit its probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!   

    Not sure why I waited almost 5 years to do a DE  ....probably scared I'd blow my motor, but that already happened under normal driving conditions....see Blown Engine post.  

    Now I am hooked and can't wait until the next event.  I now truly appreciate how my car was mean't to be driven and hopefully its made a slightly better driver out of me. 

    I would encourage anyone who hasn't had at least 1 DE track event to at least try, you will come away with a totally new appreciation of your car!

    Some pictures of the event....

    Waiting on the gridDSC_00312010-06-06 Road Atlanta DE.JPG

    Everyone fired up and ready to go....

    DSC_00292010-06-06 Road Atlanta DE.JPG

    Turn 12, the most uncomfortable turn on the track...blind entry as you top the hill then slopes away carrying you toward the concrete wall.... all of this while finding the nerve to maintain throttle!! 

    DSC_00422010-06-06 Road Atlanta DE.JPG

    Turn 1, going about 80-90 MPH at this point, hitting the brakes hard to turn in, finding the apex, then accelerating hard up the hill while using all of the track...the most fun!

    DSC_00192010-06-06 Road Atlanta DE.JPG

    The Esses

    DSC_00522010-06-06 Road Atlanta DE.JPG

    Coming up to Turn 12...the road seems to disappear...

    DSC_00552010-06-06 Road Atlanta DE.JPG


    2005 Black 997 Carrera S

    Re: First DE Event

    Not much beats a good day at the track  Thanks for sharing.


     997.2 C2S, PDK, -20mm

    Re: First DE Event

    Thanks for pictures,lot of fun!

    but the walls seems to be too much near the track!!

    997 TT, what a car/che'mmmmmaghena!!!

    Re: First DE Event

    Looks like you had a lot of fun - thanks for sharing


    RT Moderator - 997.1 Carrera S GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, short shifter, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen collection

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    Re: First DE Event

    Thanks Fanatic.

    I too am new to this game. After my first intro day, all I could think of was "wow, I can't believe this is legal". After my first full DE, it was 'wow, I can't believe what these cars can do".

    Hopefully this is the start of a long journey. Have fun.


    Slow In, Fast Out



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