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    Re: 997 TT

    TX 911 said:
    By the way, it's interesting to me all the emphasis now on how you must make perfect shifts etc. for the manual to be faster to 300kph, achieve the posted times, etc. I'm sure this has always been true of posted manual accel times, but nobody seemed to care until a lot of them started ordering Tips!

    I think the actual point of comparison is that everyone began to focus on shifting speed when the Tip started to out-perform the 6-speed. This has never happened before and most 6-speed owners were content with the idea that if they perfectly operated the controls, they could beat at Tip-equipped car.

    Now, when it's pointed out that the Tip is faster NO MATTER HOW FAST ONE SHIFTS, it's become a point of interest.

    The 6-speed owner must now consider that the 6-speed is narrowly faster in the most special of circumstances ONLY if driven perfectly. Imperfectly operated 6-speed 997TTs are guaranteed to be slower in ALL straight-line time-to-speed challenges.

    Re: 997 TT

    W8MM said:
    Lazy Cat said:
    I agree that when it's locked, it has no more losses, but a torque converter will always be slower to lock than a conventional clutch.

    What does this have to do with anything?

    Everyone knows that an auto can shift faster than a human-operated 6-speed. Whatever fraction of a second is required to lock the converter has no effect on the continuation of power flow.

    If you are claiming that a sub-second event, where the torque converter has single-digit percent losses, overcomes all of the other performance benefits, you need to get back on the porch with the other lazy cats

    I don't claim that, but if you put a tip and a manual transmission side to side, the manual (or the semi auto)has the best efficiency by far.The fact of the tt being faster in tip than manual, is the result of particular conditions, but not the result of a better efficiency from the gearbox apart.

    Ever wondered why no race car has a torque converter?(i don't consider drag cars as race cars becauuse they don't take turns or have to brake or have to downshift, but i like to watch drag racing from time to time )

    Re: 997 TT

    W8MM said:

    Imperfectly operated 6-speed 997TTs are guaranteed to be slower in ALL straight-line time-to-speed challenges.

    Slower? I prefer slightly less lightening fast

    I think the point of some of us is...who cares? The Tip takes enough driving joy away that it's not worth it to be "slightly more lightening fast".

    The same way that I don't care if a Z06 is slightly faster...I still don't want one!

    Re: 997 TT

    I agree. A manual tt will be a very fast car for a very long time. I may like the added speed of the ZO6 but I just can't see myself owning one. Kinda like the tip.

    Re: 997 TT my mind has been made up, no more thinking hmmm tip hmmm manual, i need 8002HP in my life, 0-62 in 3 300kph in 18.9 and the turbo does it in 44 hmmm no contest really is it?



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