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    Rosso Scuderia and Rosso Corsa, a vote and help needed...

     If you have to pick one for the Calfornia, would it be rosso scuderia or rosso corsa and in terms of ease of management, would one differs from the other? 


    Went into the dealer today, 4 californias being prepped for delivery, one nero, one rosso scuderia and one nero daytona. The 2 demos in the showroom were Bianco Avus. The Bianco Avus is nice but I think I am just risk averse and think that the Rosso Scuderia is the one. However, indeed, the car looks good in many colours. You can also see a white Gran Cabrio in the showroom but the car does look very good in real metal and more so than pictures.

    I am gonna go in again tomorrow to look at the Rosso Scuderia. I think the 19" is a bit short on size although it would be a more comfy ride. I think Rosso Scuderia is brighter (or maybe more orangy) and looks refreshing on the California. However, does anyone know what's the colour used on the California catalogue? Corsa or Scuderia? The Scuderia is more modern and the Corsa is more classic. In terms of care, is red a tough colour to care for?

    Given some posts on the 458 forum, I do find the paint quality terrible... it was almost scary for a car of this price. What gives?

    Here's my final choice:

    1. Rosso Scuderia
    2. Black interior
    3. Red stitchings
    4. Black carpets
    5. 20" rims
    6. Yellow Calipers
    7. Yellow shields
    8. Yellow Tachymeter
    9. Ipod connection (I am unsure and how's the integration and is this a good option?)

    The dealer did ask me to drive the California and put in a deposit for 458... I don't know about that... but the 458 with a folding metal roof maybe something interesting to know... but probably not now... the purchase is big enough as it is. Let's see how it feels to own my first before being ambitious... but he did say that most customers buy one California and put a deposit down for the next one and those driving 430 now keep it till the 458 comes along.

    Re: Rosso Scuderia and Rosso Corsa, a vote and help needed...

    The car in the Cali brochure is Rosso Corsa. When I went to the launch event of the California at the factory the two "brochure cars" (rosso corsa/cuoio and azzuro california/crema) were driven into the dining area by Kimi Raikonen and Felipe Massa. 

    It's personal choice so get which one you prefer. I personally don't like Rosso Scuderia on the Cali and the Atelier service at the factory didn't think it suits the car for what's that's worth. It may be tougher to move come resale time as Scuderia isn't a universally liked colour on the regular production cars but is more admired on the Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia models.

    Re: Rosso Scuderia and Rosso Corsa, a vote and help needed...

    Iain, I am glad you wrote this post. I could not agree more. Smiley



    Re: Rosso Scuderia and Rosso Corsa, a vote and help needed...

    I would choose bianco avus/cuoio of bianco avus/chocolate BUT if the question is which ROSSA would I choose, then my answer is Rosso Scuderia since there is one Rosso Scuderia Cali in our Residance Garage with 20" rims, and the car looks very nice.



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    Re: Rosso Scuderia and Rosso Corsa, a vote and help needed...



    I can't decide. One is old school (355 and modena or earthy london double decker red)... the other is tomato red...

    However, I do notice that in my neighbourhood garage, there's a 16M spider and



    it looks good in Scuderia. The Rosso Scuderia is an interesting red in that it looks darker, more solid red at night but under the sunlight or bright light... it looks very very tomato or even SALMON red colour... it actually reminds me of the colour of norwegian salmon (excuse my use of inppropriate analogy) or tomato red? Orangy.

    Clearly, from the above pix, you can vaguely see the 355 behind it in CORSA and CORSA is very very earthy tone red...

    Would we consider the Rosso Scuderia as a more updated and modern Ferrari red or is it simply reserved for Scuderia and sportier version... I see a trend towards more and more RS and even RS on 599. However, most Scag I see though isn't in red... so it does also mean that GT is better suited to grey or silver tones... I couldn't remember seeing one scag in rosso ... but then there aren't that many around... they don't move or sell... 599, yes... in a wide variety of colour and many in RS too.



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