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    Long life servicing - good or bad?

    The 997 has "long life" service intervals (not sure if this is UK specific):

    Major service - every 4 years
    Minor service - every 2 years

    Do 997 owners (who may have owned other Porsches) see this as a blessing or marketing trick - i.e. is there real benefit to this, or come service time will you have more issues that require attention and hence cost more money to fix than if the car was serviced annually?

    Any opinions much appreciated!


    Re: Long life servicing - good or bad?

    As an old hand Porsche driver I have watched the service interval grow considerably with the 911s over the decades. What is happening is that the engines and other components are lasting longer, hence the longer service intervals. It is doubtful that Porsche would extend the period if they weren't making commensurate improvements to the car warrantying that sort of reduction in surveillance.

    Porsche driver/owner since 1974

    Re: Long life servicing - good or bad?

    Fortunately for us we get a 4 year warranty so the extended periods really just mean lower worry free, maintenance costs.

    Re: Long life servicing - good or bad?

    This trend is true for most cars today. Components of all kinds are being made with longer lifes, from spark plugs through filters through oil, etc. Some items, like carboraters, don't exist anymore. Tires (for non-Porsches!) are a good example, where lifetimes of 50-60k miles are not unheard of.

    Re: Long life servicing - good or bad?

    We only get a 2 year warranty in the UK, unlike every other manufacturer that I can think of that gives at least 3 years.

    Re: Long life servicing - good or bad?

    In conditions where it's "dusty, humid or hot," oil changes should be sooner.

    Anyway, seems to me everything is getting dumber, e.g., "Yeah, yeah, whatever... . Just change the oil every two years and don't exceed 4200 rpm for the first 2000 miles."

    Wouldn't hurt to change your oil every year, especially if you make alot of short trips or it's "dusty, humid, or hot." The synthetic oil chemically/structurally lasts longer, but gets contaminated just as fast.

    BTW, how long does the average Porsche owner plan to keep the car, nowadays?

    Since the many of the looks and features of the car are being aimed at the "average" buyer (NOT anyone here are Rennlist I would claim!) why wouldn't the maintenance intervals and other marketing-engineering aspects of the car also be aimed at the average buyer?

    BTW, long service intervals are nothing new, it's just that Porsche is officially sanctioning them; my parents always bought cars which NEVER required service nor oil changes. Their cars were traded-in with the original oil, LOL.



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