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    Red Guages for GT3.

    I'm completely at wits end here.
    When I originally ordered my GT3, I ordered it with Red instrument dials, and as well the GT3 script on the centre console.

    Upon entering the order into the system, my dealer informed me that those 2 options WERE NOT available at that time but said, "Don't worry, we can order them after thru parts..etc..etc"

    Well the red guages are now available for any new GT3 order but I still CANT get them.

    I've tried everywhere even at Carnewal and even Gert says he can't get them.

    My dealer is telling me that the factory is only making them available for new cars, which is total fn b sh*t, b/c obviosly I wanted them in my NEW car as well but they weren't available at that time.

    Does anyone know, or have any connections with anyone at the factory to help me get my hands on them?

    To me this is a total joke, Porsche continues to advertise and brag about their "Exclusive Program". How can a set of instrument dials be as elusive as a cure for cancer.

    Anyone, please help.

    Re: Red Guages for GT3.

    Explain to your salesperson's manager the problem you are encountering and see if he might be able to get an area sales rep involved. I've been told that Porsche can find a way to get almost anything done.

    Re: Red Guages for GT3.

    Hi RR4,

    You have merely experienced one disturbing facet of Porsche "Standard Operating Practice".

    My 2001 TT coupe was supposed to be delivered with hollow-spoke wheels. It wasn't because, according to the explanation, there was a shortage of them at the time of manufacture and solid spoke wheels were provided instead. Too bad.

    My 2001 TT coupe was supposed to be able to be ordered with the PCCB brake system option. This was repeatedly pushed off and wasn't really available for a year after my car was built. One could get retrofit kits some time later, so that's not as bad as your gauge problem.

    The order guide for the 2004 TT cabriolet showed a short shifter option. When my dealer placed the order last August, the short-shifter option was refused as "unavailable". I asked my dealer how an option listed on the order guide could be "unavailable". He looked at me like I had suddenly grown antlers and replied that it happened "all the time".

    Sometimes one can get things on a car that one doesn't know are available and one would not want if one knew in advance, yet they appear anyway. 2001 TT coupes that were manufactured a few months before mine came with USA-only "bumper warts". Apparently, someone in the NHTSA/DOT compliance office in Zuffenhausen over-reacted to a bumper regulation and caused some hastily applied, rather ugly, extra bumper protrusions to attach to all USA-bound TTs. Yech! Presumably this bureaucrat has been urged to find alternate employment, but that is little satisfaction to all those early TT owners contemplating the expense of a replacement front bumper. AFAIK, Porsche never offered to defray the expense of obtaining the later, wart-free, appearance.

    Sorry to hear of your frustration, but be aware that you are in good and ample company.

    Re: Red Guages for GT3.

    When I was at my local Porsche dealership recently, I noticed two cars in the showroom had the red dials. Perhaps you can to talk to someone there to get ahold of them. Boardwalk Porsche in Plano, TX.




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