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    Thoughts on the new Boxster

    So I've got a 2000 Boxster.  I've been dreaming/ planning for the 911 but have been stunned by the significant effect of the slight changes in the 2009 Boxster.  I stopped by the Porsche dealer earlier today and my feelings from looking at pictures were confirmed in the flesh.  I find the 2009 Boxster is gorgeous.  The local dealer only had one in stock (white w/ brown interior).  It was well equipped and wow was it stunning.  I looked at several 911s but can't say I was feeling the 911 is work $20 to $30 k more.  What's funny is my kids are excited at the thought of the back seats (they rarely ride in my Boxster now) but I find myself struggling to feel the few times they'd really ride with me worth it.  My wife doesn't seem that concerned either way.  Obviously I'll drive them both, price them both out but gosh I'm shocked that after so many years of wanting the 911 that I'm thinking I'll be a little bit torn.  Am I just nuts?

    Re: Thoughts on the new Boxster

    No far from it - although there is a line that says every keen driver should own a 911 at some stage.

    The 986 Boxster and 996 Carrera were designed when Porsche was on the verge of bankrupcy, hence a lot of less than ideal compromises went into the deisgn. Of course, in traditional Porsche fashion the two designs were continually honed and improved. When the time came to replace them with 987 Boxster and 997 Carrera Porsche freely admitted that they could now afford to build the cars to the standard they always wanted to. 

    So I'm sure you would see a great improvement in the nine years between your 2000 Boxster and the latest car. Again 987 / 997 has been honed and fettled since introduction - there were significant improvements from my first 2005 3.2 Boxster S and the 2006 3.4 Boxster S I've got now. The 09 S has taken an even greater step forward with the DFI engine, PDK box and other less obvious improvements such as PCM 3.0, PASM udates etc etc.

    Certainly with the 2009 Boxster S, and particularly with Cayman S the performance advantage of the 09 (non S) Carrera has now disappeared, both having near enough identical performance. It is now more than ever down to which model you prefer - and I'm not going to rekindle that debate here! Smiley

    I have to say, if I could justify the cost, i'd love to have a 997.2 - not because it's better but just because it's just different! Smiley

    Boxster S 3.4 06 Cobalt / Ocean Blue BMW 123d M Sport 08 Le Mans Blue / Lemon

    Re: Thoughts on the new Boxster

    If you have kids between 3-9 years old  , a 911 is a lot of fun because you can all pile in for a fun day at the beach,etc. Squeals of " wheeeeeeee " eminate from the back seat .

    After that age , forget it -they just wanna get from point A to point B in the biggest , cushiest , quietest  ( so they can zone out with their Ipods) vehicle where they can physically spread out and have all their stuff at their side .

    Ask me how I know .


    Re: Thoughts on the new Boxster

    I'll take the bait: how do you know?

    Yeah, I've got three kids: 11, 9 and 6.  We only had two of them when we looked this weekend, the 11 and 6 year old.  Both girls and both liked it a lot.  I'm thinking wouldn't be hard to sell to my boy either.  We'd never be able to take everyone along for "a ride to the beach" but in modern life it seems frequent we aren't always together anyway (do lots of trips with other families..I'll just throw one of the kids in the other families car!).  I'm living away from the US right now and probably have another couple of years until home.  But since I've just stopped investing money anymore I think maybe I'll just save up the cash and buy myself one a few years pre-owned once I'm back.. Couldn't be a worse investment than any in the last three years and to be honest I do feel the best investments are always those made towards lasting memories, like rides around in a special car.  I still remember doing cookies in my dad's Porsche thirty years ago.

    So I think it'll be a 911 then...most memories would come from the most seats.

    Re: Thoughts on the new Boxster


    I'll take the bait: how do you know?

            Have owned many 911s since 1987 , starting years before we had kids . Currently, since they are middle school/high school aged girls with ZERO interest in cars , they will only ride in the front when being dropped off/picked up . They refuse to sit sideways/feet to the side in the rear .

    OTOH, maybe now I can finally  get a GT3/GT2 w/o guilt --woo-hoo !

    Re: Thoughts on the new Boxster

    I found the same with my kids and the 911, once they reach 12 years old, they would rather sit up front, or else take the mini-van, as they were not interested in squeezing in the back.   If you like the styling of the Boxster or Cayman, save the $20,000+.




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