Some more snippets of information. In autocar mag today I read that AMG is looking at DSG gearboxes now. This technology is still 4-5 years away in an AMG but they say its the future. Something about widening the floor pan and its heavier than the 5 speed auto. They say they are working on an uprated 5 speed to cope with up to 922lbft of torque for the 65 models, but this won't come before 2006, maybe 2007 for US. The 7 G Tronic is being uprated for the 6.3 V8 which will have "at least" 500"BHP". They said the current auto gearbox is restricting AMG engine development, AMG wants to make more higher revving motors, and turbocharging will feature in many new AMG models. The current 5 speed auto can only allow revs to 7000rpm, but they said this restricted the engine development of the SLR/CLK-DTM, they want to make it rev higher. Something to do with the torque converter being limited to a max of 7Krpm. Thats all I think. It was Peter Robinson commenting.

So generally we can expect high revving motors from AMG in the future coupled to DSG Gearboxes, is AMG becoming BMW M?