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    SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    guys, see this post:

    I want this really bad but I am cross-country from the dealer. We need a do-it-yourself thread, both as to a source for the parts and how to hook into the MOST.

    Apparently they are using Cayenne parts for the install.

    I am pretty psyched because I think the cat's out of the bag!!

    Re: SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    Below is a paraphrase of my post on the other Board.

    1. I have good news to report. I can confirm through two different sources that the original custom shop in San Diego that figured this out apparently used Cayenne parts. This makes sense as the Cayenne parts would have the OEM protocol extensions for MOST that would cross model lines in Porsche vehicles. Apparently, I must therefore assume the MOST protocol extensions are the same for the 997 PCM system with no further tinkering.

    2. I immediately drove the 997 down to my dealer today. My main tech guy was not there, but he will be back on Monday. My parts guy was there, and he told me I can order the Cayenne Sirrus or XM "kit". The Sirrus part number is 955-044-900-63 with a list price of $990.00. I don't know the XM part number but I know it exists. He thinks the kit has everything including wiring harnesses and the antenna but we need to confirm with the tech guy on Monday.

    3. My parts guy asked whether I had the 6 disc changer installed because apparently there are two different part numbers (the part number above is for Cayenne's WITH the 6 disc changer because I have the 6 disc changer in my 997). He believes that the sat kit has two different part numbers because the wiring harnesses are different and, if you have the changer, you unplug the harness from the changer, plug in the sat harness into the changer, and then plug the old wire harness into the new wire harness just inserted into the CD changer, i.e., it makes a "sandwich". If you dont have the changer, apparently its a different harness. He thinks it is very seamless, and after patching in the harnesses which are plug and play, all you need to do is route and install the antenna. Most importantly, the CD changers are identical in the Cayenne and 997, so we expect the wiring harnesses will work with the 997.

    4. I am told that my main tech guy can pull up the wiring diagrams for me and actually tell me his experience regarding installs. I expect to talk to him Monday.

    5. Assuming the wiring harnesses work, the only unknown is what happens after you turn the key. Is this simply plug and play and therefore it works once hooked up, or does the tech need to hook up the OBD or whatever its called and "turn on" the feature from a computer. I will find out how it works with the Cayenne on Monday. Also, I am assuming the MOST protocols work without further tinkering.

    6. It is POSSIBLE this is a VERY simple install if its truly plug and play. All that will need to be done is the mounting of the component and antenna - the easy part with all things considered.

    I am very excited about this. Any help you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    - Adam

    Re: SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    Adam: Awesome! Keep us posted. Can't wait to hear the results next week.

    Re: SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    If this works I'll be a happy man, keep us posted.

    Re: SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    What ever happened with this? 1080i Addict where are you? Still dying to hear how it works.

    Re: SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    U Boat Commander said:
    What ever happened with this? 1080i Addict where are you? Still dying to hear how it works.

    Sorry I'm not 1080i but he indicated sat parts were getting through customs, install try early this upcoming week.

    Re: SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    yes, I am awaiting the parts. Hopefully next wednesday!! I have not forgotten about you guys, I promise!

    Re: SAT Radio in 997!!! Through MOST!!!

    I just sent an Email to my dealer asking about this. We now know it can be done but I don't want to go to Cali for it.



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