Vehicle Information: Model: 911 C2S; Year: 2009; Mileage: 1,200; Manufactured March 2009; PCM 3.0 version V
The car is equipped with Satellite receiver that is used for both satellite radio and Nav Traffic services. 
Everything worked OK for the first two weeks after delivery, then:
- The map display stopped showing the toll way and freeway symbols.  Instead it shows white boxes with the toll way or freeway numbers (like maps in the UK). 
- All toll ways and freeways are shown with red edges filled with yellow color.  I am therefore unable to see the traffic flow from Nav Tech on these roads though the traffic messages are displayed correctly.
The PCM 3.0 User Manual has a picture on page 134 of the map display.  That picture is exactly what I see for all freeways and toll ways: white boxes with road numbers and red edges filled with yellow.  (Please compare that picture to the correct displays shown on page 99 or the cover of the PCM User Manual.) 
The PCM shows the incorrect display regardless whether route guidance is active or not.
Any advice is appreciated.

PS. Satellite refresh signals do not solve the problem.