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    took delivery of our new Audi.

    Hi guys,
    Well, i know it's not a real sports car..
    But since i've seen several members post here no true sports cars, what the heck..

    I went with my father last week to take out new beauty..

    Car is loaded with air-suspensions, Bi-Xenon, Bose surround system, 17" rims and more

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    Dont mean to offend u, but I cant see: Is it a n A4 or A6? A6 right?
    I really love the design of those cars. The most harmonious and smooth in the saloon-market today IMO.
    I am looking into an RS4...if the danish tax wont kill me first!

    I love the car! Like u said, not a sportscar, but a damn nice car for smooth traveling. Congrats!

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    nice looking cars

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    Dr. Phil, yap.. it's the A6
    we had doubts about the A6 or the E CLASS, and we went for the A6.. mostly because of the design!

    I don't know how much tax you got in denmark, but the israeli taxes on cars are from the higher if not the highest in the world...
    we got about 130% tax over here..

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    Dr. Phil said:
    Dont mean to offend u, but I cant see: Is it a n A4 or A6? A6 right?

    Could also be an A8

    As long it is an Audi it is a good car

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    Great car (best in its class IMO), great engine.


    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    looks good ! congrats!

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    Masal tov!
    Nice car man, For the price you bought the A6 in Israel, you could get an A8 with much stronger engine in Germany.
    Taxes in Israel are really crazy.

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    Looks like an A8.
    Very nice car. A bit blend, but best quality available by far.

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    Thanks you all guys!
    Car is already over 2500KM and runs (and we let it run.. ) great!!

    Avoe, for the money you buy this A6 in israel, you get S8 or even the W12 A8 in europe\usa..

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    I congratulate you on good taste . I'm sure Kreso agrees with me .

    Re: took delivery of our new Audi.

    100%! Nice car...



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