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    Knowing your stable...

    Why is this surprising? After all, you have an F40 and Carrera GT in the stable.

    Your posts are a hoot!

    Re: Knowing your stable...

    I don't drive my C2S as much as others here... 10,500 miles since March of 2005. But I still love the car.

    With 3 daughters almost-15, almost-5, and 16-months, my supercrew Ford is usually tapped for commuting and school pick-ups, drop-offs.

    And as some of you know, I've got ALOT of old-iron that I'm constantly exercising between home and work to keep them functional and happy...

    So why do I "need" my C2S??? I dunno...for my mental health. It's the "prize" I get to drive when the whim hits me.

    As-such, I've fallen into the entirely different side of the spectrum. My car is absolutely operating-room-clean and as flawless as I can reasonably keep it. I've gotten so worried that my 16-monther will decide to play hot-wheels on the hood, that I've moved the 997 to live with my car collection, air conditioned and carpeted, where it resides in fully show-detailed glory. Then, when I DO drive it, sometimes days at a time, depends on my schedule, it glitters, and adds even more to the "special-ness" of the drive. There's only one thing nicer than bombing through the country on a sunny day, and that's doing it in a sharp clean car.

    I don't really subscribe to the "you need to drive it more" crowd, because I'm the opposite. If I drive one car too much, I get totally BORED of it. I think that's simply because I've had access to so much variety most of my driving years. If I'm chained to the same ride day-after-day, it could be a flippin Veyron, I'd get bored-stiff of it in no-time-flat.

    So what I would prescribe MMD, if you're not going to drive the car daily (snore... variety is the spice of life you know...), is that you get motivated and detail that sucker up, yourself. There's nothing like a day-long detail with some beer, on a crisp fall day, to reacquaint yourself with the reasons you fell in love with the car to begin with. Then, reserve it as a reward, take it to work when it's a nice day and you need a lift. Take it to dinner. Use it when you want a smile. And when you're done, wipe it down, cover it, and don't WORRY about it sitting. It's a car, not a dog.

    No point in spending more dough on a Turbo, you'll just get bored of it too once you get used to the extra h.p., not to mention you won't enjoy looking at it as much. I would wait until a 998 before jumping ship.

    Nope, I'm telling ya, when your car is sitting in the garage, dirty and bugged-up and forlorn, that's a depressing sight, and that's why you're second-guessing yourself. Treat it to a good detailing, and your outlook will shift noticably.

    Re: Knowing your stable...

    Aircraft. What's what you need. Ever thought of a Cirrus 22?




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