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    Who would delete A/C and radio from their GT3?

    Curious if the performance increases would justify deleting these no-cost options (I've heard you can either have them or not for the same price).

    I removed the factory air conditioning from my 73 911S and the weight savings (about 80 lbs or 37kg) was maybe noticeable, but the engine seemed to rev more freely without having to drive the compressor belt (even with AC off).

    Do you think you could feel a similar effect with the GT3. The cooling of the front radiators would probably be better without the condenser in the way of the air flow too.

    What do you all think? I'm happy to give up sunroof, rear seats, and power windows, seats, and mirrors. But, not sure about radio and AC.

    Love to hear from you all...

    Re: Who would delete A/C and radio from their GT3?

    On my current car I removed 277lbs (almost 10%) for a very noticable improvement in performance and throttle responsiveness. However with no sound insulation and interior trim the noise level was too high. I measured over 100dB at 70mph in 6th gear at ear level in the drivers seat. At red line the sound level was much higher. For long distance driving earplugs were necessary in my opinion.

    I am not going to do that again. I have reinstalled everything in preparation for selling the car. On the track it was great, but for street driving it was just too loud. Short of that, I think anything the factory will leave off the GT3 is definitely worthwhile. I plan on doing so.

    Re: Who would delete A/C and radio from their GT3?

    My feeling is that if you are going to put up with a GT3 then leave off the air con and radio. Actually, the air con is the big thing. Does the radio really make much difference? I guess if you leave off the radio they also don't install speakers and wires?

    BUT, are you really going to be able to do this? I thought this was tied in with the ClubSport package which isn't going to be available to you in the USA. If I'm right, you might have to have a mechanic delete it manually.

    The sunroof is a no-brainer. I think you will have to delete this if you want the cage installed.


    Not sure what items can be deleted...

    I had heard AC and radio would be no-cost options, but maybe you're right about that only being the case with CS. I don't think ant GT3's will come w/sunroof or rear seats (like GT2).

    I hope a CS is available w/o the cage (if necessary for US safety regs). That could be added later, although I wonder if the factory CS has the cage welded in?

    Re: Not sure what items can be deleted...

    What's the difference between CS and comfort version?
    I thought it was only the Roll cage, the special anti burn cloth buckets instead of leather and a fire extinguisher.
    But you make it sound like it's much more than that.
    I mean a Club Sport version without a roll cage is pretty much a comfort version no?

    Re: Not sure what items can be deleted...

    Cage is in fact welded in, but apparently it's possible to retrofit it.
    Apart from the ones François mentioned there's also another difference between Comfort and CS (old model): the single mass flywheel, which makes the car idle like a tractor but makes it rev more freely and gives far better throttle response.


    What is single mass fly wheel?
    Why would it alter the sound of the car at idle?
    Does the Modena have a single mass fly wheel?


    The old GT3 had a bolt in cage. The rear section was factory installed and the front was dealer installed. The CS also came with 5 point harnesses which were dealer installed. The single mass flywheel creates less toruqe on the bottom end but leads to faster accel. It also makes it idle a little rougher.



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