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    Inquiry about Maserati

    I'm thinking about a Maserati Coupe (4 seat & baby ). Has anyone have anything good or bad about this car. Any dos or donts?

    I appreciate any comments.

    Re: Inquiry about Maserati

    British press said it was a very disappointing car
    The only great thing about it is its engine, the chassis is not great, the so called revolutionnary skyhook suspension is relegated to stone age by Merc similar ABC.
    The new rear lights are really ugly compared to the old boomerang shape.
    But try it first and let us know.
    From what I've read and heard, it's a 996 for people who don't wanna have the "common" Carrera. Only it's not as good as a Carrera.
    Manual stick is not precise and Cambiocorsa is jearky although better in the 2003 Models.
    The fact they changed a lot of things on the 2003 model just proves the car was flawed to start with.

    Re: Inquiry about Maserati

    Thanks fanch.

    The fact they changed a lot of things on the 2003 model just proves the car was flawed to start with.

    Good point

    After thinking about it this past weekend I think I'm still a Porsche man. Even though is owned by Ferrari but is nowhere close to it

    Re: Inquiry about Maserati

    Aston Martin AMV8 <---look here

    Re: Inquiry about Maserati

    I know AMV8 is beautiful .

    I scheduled a test drive

    I scheduled a test drive for next Sat. May 17 and will find out about the car more in person and write a little note about it next week.

    Funny thing was when the sales guy called me to talk to me about the car, he himself mentioned that if you're expecting Porsche rigidity and handling this wouldn't be an apple to apple comparison. Porsche is more rigid than Maserati.

    He said Maserati is more of a touring car like SL 500 than Porsche and Ferrari.

    But I'll find out for myself next week

    Re: I scheduled a test drive

    Hi Ron. As an owner of a 2002 coupe cambiocorsa, I would be happy to give you my thoughts on the car. First off, I love this thing. Second, I am happy to hear that you are test driving the car yourself (I have never found the automotive press to be in sync with my tastes). As far as rigidity and handling are concerned, the Maser does very very well (Near the top in the GT class), but your dealer is right in giving the edge to the Porsche. The 996 is not a GT in the sense that the Maserati is, and Porsche's are one of the best handling cars period. However, when comparing acceleration, the Maser will easily keep up or outdo the Porsche (the 996 is made more for handling and not drag racing). Braking is at least as good as a 996, which is of course, extremely good.

    When comparing interiors, I think the Maserati wins hands down. And if you need to actually carry 4 real people greater than 10 miles, you can forget the Porsche (babies, of course, are no problem). One downside is driving position, if you have short legs and long arms (like me), the Maserati will fit you like a glove, but for others it may be less than ideal.

    When comparing the SL 500 or CL 500, The Maserati's luxury certainly has less bells and whistles, but both cars will be left in the dust if compared performance wise to the Maser.

    New for 2003 is an upgraded ECU, which corrects the high-RPM jerkiness seen in the 2002. My cambiocorsa recently had some issues, and my dealer updated my ECU and cambiocorsa to 2003 specs. Also improved is the skyhook for better performance/lateral grip. Both correct significant shortcomings. If you are still relying on magazine reviews of last year's model, these improvements make them outdated and unreliable.

    Basically my recommendation is this:
    If you don't need a true 4 seater and want to focus on handling/sportiness while sacrificing a bit of luxury, you are probably better off with a Porsche.

    If you want true GT luxury/technology and a lot more room, and don't mind giving up a lot in terms of performance, get the CL 500

    If you want a GT convertible with a folding hard top, and don't mind giving up a lot of performance, get the SL 500. If you want more performance, get the 999 cab or Maserati Spyder. My preference is the Porsche.

    If you need a true 4-seater luxury GT that does not need to be as tossable as a Porsche but is still fast as all hell, then get the Maserati coupe.

    I nearly bought a Porsche, but was hooked the instant I test drove the Maser. I am 200% thrilled with my decision. I never considered the CL 500 or SL 500 because they are too slow for my taste and I don't want to wait the months/years for the AMG waiting list. I would be happy to give you more details if you are interested...

    Re: I scheduled a test drive

    Thank you Eric .

    Very interesting analysis. I appreciate your input.

    No offense to MB owners but after having had problems with 3 MB cars, SL500 and CL500 are not in my list of options at all.

    I like the fact that in Maserati you can seat 4 people comfortably, however I have been always Porsche fan and unless I'm really impressed next weekend I doubt it if I would switch sides

    But hands down the Maserati coupe is definitely a contender in my list of cars.

    Re: I scheduled a test drive

    Great write up Eric,
    I appreciate your honesty about the Maser Handling.
    It's definitly faster in a straight line, I experienced it myself while at the wheel of my 996 (although I do have the heavy version, C4 and Cab).
    Rear seat are true rear seat, that's a really good point, but don't you find the interior a bit cramped?
    It's beautiful but when I sat in it, I found it really narrow for some reason.
    And those lights! I get used to them but it's such a shame to have ditched the boomerang ones, they were the signature of that car, looked so cool in the dark!
    Ron, I know it's not as exclusive as the 996 or Maser but have you condidered an M3, the SMG2 is meant to be the daddy of sequential gearboxes at present.
    What about a second hand 456, beautiful
    I know about your problems with Merc, but I think you should still try out a CL600 or CL55, I only know the V12 and it's very very impressive, big car though and not particularly involving.
    Not the same price range but the Bentley GT seems to be a pretty good 4 seater coupe and coming soon.
    So many new cars outthrere!!!

    Re: I scheduled a test drive


    As you mentioned, there are so many cars coming out soon and they're all exciting. As far as Bentley GT at the present time or for that matter even in the future I don't think my budget would allow me to approach that car .

    I don't believe I'll get a Maserati even though is a very nice car (haven't had the test drive yet) but I MUST admit I still love Porsche and for whatever it takes I always convience myself that Porsche still is the better car.

    I should admit that I still have not ruled out Cayenne as a vible contender. I'm still waiting on RC's review on his new E55 AMG once he gets it and go from there.

    Re: I scheduled a test drive

    Fanch: Regarding the interior - it is certainly cozy, but I find it to be quite suitable (fits kind of like a glove). Overall, feels similar to my previous CLK, sans a bit of (uneeded) headroom. I like the old lights better too BTW.

    Ron: Let us know your thoughts after you test drive the Maser. Make sure you get up on the throttle a couple of times so you can hear the V8. It is truly a treat.

    PS: In my earlier post, I made reference to the "999 cab". This is of course a typo and should read "996 cab".

    I have new suggestions for you Ron!!!

    My MB friend confirmed me last night that AMG will do ON DEMAND a CLK55AMG Compressor, ie. 500hp
    It's not on the catalogue but it's possible just like the CL65, the C Coupe 32, etc.
    BTW, RC was right, he also confirmed that the 65AMG will not only be for the CL, it is now also available, on demand of course for the SL and the S Classes. Which always made sense really.
    So Ron? What do you say, not bad hey? RC, can you confirm that this will be the best 55 version of all models because the CLK is the lightest no? Does the CLK come with ABC?
    Ron, have you also considered a 996 Turbo? I suppose that even second hand, they trade for a pretty good value by now. And if you child is not too big, he can fit in the back, but then, you have the problem of luggage space But possibly the best 2+2 at the moment in terms of averall package. (Perf, comfort, cruising, ease to drive, etc...)
    That would be my choice . I saw one in the UK on sale for a Euro 100000, roughly $115000, not bad.
    PS: A cayenne? I thought you wanted a sports car?
    Nice car though.

    Re: I have new suggestions for you Ron!!!


    Not that I trust Automobile Magazine, but the newest issue compares the XKR, Maserati Spyder, Cadillac XLR, and SL500. They finished in that order, with the Mercedes coming out on top. Didn't bother to read the article however.



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