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    Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    Hello, I am new to this forum and will be to driving a Porsche. Just got the "Check-Point 8" date confirmed by my LPD; November 6th.....this year.

    Here is what I hope will roll off the Vessel (....after arrival)

    C4S Targa, Manual

    U2 GT Silver Metallic
    05 Natural Leather - Grey
    267 Self Dimming Mirrors
    342 Heated Front Seats
    640 Sports Chrono
    680 Bose High-End
    692 CD
    XSC Headrest Crests
    803 Carbon Package
    XMJ Rear-Console CF
    XXZ Alu Footrest
    XPA Thicker Steering Wheel
    XAJ Painted Rocker Panels (THE one that really should be standard)
    CFX Floormats
    635 Park Assist
    X54 SS Exhaust
    XRR 19" Sport Wheels
    CDZ Leather Gear Lever Trim
    EAD CF Package Switch Panel
    XTV Leather Door Finishers
    022 Black Instrument Dials
    CMF Black Painted PCM
    CMP Black Painted Instrument Surround
    CXD Illuminated CF Door Entry Guards
    P01 Adaptive Sport Seats (supposedly the "L" was dropped, and the "old" P01 was changed to P10 by PAG in the ordering protocol)
    XSB Leather Seat Backs
    CUC GT Silver Model Designation

    Tried to put the car together for GT comfort/luxury, not for maximizing performance (X51). Otherwise would have gone for a TT with less interior gadgets, although I now can't get that Orange/Black GT3 RS out of my mind !

    Forum was/is a fantastic resource for first-hand, true expert advice on many, many questions. By far the best out there. Viewed around more than I asked for input (as we know, the spec. list would be longer for sure!).

    Now the wait...........

    Any comments are highly appreciated.

    Re: Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    First of all, welcome to Rennteam. And congratulations, this sure is a nicely-optioned Targa.
    About perfect, actually. The only things I'd add would be leather sunvisors, and the sport exhaust (I assume you didn't order navigation on purpose).

    Please post pictures and first impressions when the car arrives. I'm sure you will have a blast.

    Re: Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    Welcome to the targa-fanclub waiting for their car. Mine should be collected on saturday 4. Novembe r.
    Hard to wait...
    Hope you will post pics and driving experience.

    Re: Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    CD changer is a waste if you plan to use MP3 CD's. The changer does not read these - only the in dash player does, and you can hold more than enough MP3 files as to make the changer useless.

    Are you sure you want park assist? it's not that hard . . .

    Adaptive sport seats . . . over priced and heavy gimmick unless you have back problems or are at an extreme of size, or you've compared them to stnd sport seats and found that for you, they simply are the bomb.

    Sport chrono - total waste - Porsche gimmick to pull more money out of your pocket.

    Finally, GT Silver - a totally personal matter of taste, but you asked for opinions. Arctic is a much more vibrant color, and GT seems dull in comparison - a cross between arctic and seal IMO. Definitely NOT worth the price for what at the end of the day is really just another silver car.

    After all that, no matter how you slice and dice it, she is sure to be one helluva beautiful and special 911! Please share pics when she arrives.

    Re: Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    wow, targa ... if i may change my coupe... i make that choice im...
    but ok silver bullet, mp3 in PCM, plays more records ... the cd player will play only 6 cd's in audio format...
    Adaptive, i love these seats...
    and sports chrono, nice tool .

    Re: Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    Thanks for the input -

    About GT Silver; you're correct it is in b/w Artic/Seal. And yes, it does get a bit boring after sun set/on cloudy days. Luckily, the climate here helps to keep the dreary days at a minimum....
    Also, and maybe it is my wishful thinking, but GT Silver seems to have a slightly blue tint to it in day light.

    I prefer a classic silver metallic, found Artic too pale/Seal too dark. Other option would have been to specify Cayenne's Ti Ed. Iceland Silver. I have yet to see that on a Cayenne so did not want to take a shot in the dark.

    And I really did like those Adaptive Sport Seats in the tester.

    Re: Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    Welcome aboard. Don't forget XLF Sports Exhaust Option, it's a must.

    Re: Formal Intro; Targa Order Specs.

    Oh, and about the Park Assist:
    I have lived/parallel-parked my cars in/around major US/European cities for most of the last 20-odd years.
    You're right, it is not that difficult after that much practice. It's just that I feel like early parking retirement, being lazy from now on and let the 4 dots do the thinking...



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