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    OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    April 13 is when I am scheduled to pick up my C2S X51 PCCB, etc., etc., beauty from the Factory, from which I will embark on a two-week odyssey. Porsche is "generously" providing me one night's stay at Stuttgart's Hotel Graf Zeppelin, but that leaves me fourteen nights to find a comfortable pillow.

    I've started to compile a list of 3- and 4-star hotels in each of my destination cities. Problem is it feels as I will be making decisions purely on pictures and marketing hype.

    So here is the challenge. Where would you call home were you flying solo in the following cities?

    Reims, France (2 nights)-
    Bordeaux, France (2 nights) -
    Monte Carlo, Monaco (2 nights) -
    Lienz, Austria (1 night) -
    Vienna, Austria (2 nights) -
    Innsbruck, Austria (1 night) -
    Lugano, Switzerland (2 nights) -
    Konstanz, Germany (2 nights) -

    Note to Moderators: I can appreciate this is not a travel forum, so if my request is inappropriate please delete and accept my apologies.

    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    Reims - try which I can recommend.

    Have a nice trip.

    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop the Monte-Carlo Beach Hote for Manaco

    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    Nice to see you intend to visit my hometown of Bordeaux!

    Where to sleep:
    In Bordeaux, two upscale possibilities. If it is complete by April (doubt it though, as the construction works are behind schedule), you might want to try the new Grand Hotel Radisson, right across the Opera, in the midst of a newly renovated XVIIIth century district known as the Golden Triangle.
    If not, go to the Burdigala. The location isn't as good (it is near the XVIIIth century district but they built an ugly shopping mall right across the street), but it is an excellent, very classy hotel. It is home to heads of state when they happen to come to Bordeaux. From 150 EUR/room/night.
    A bit more affordable, the Hotel Bayonne Etche Ona in the Golden Triangle is also commendable. Around 80 EUR/room/night.

    Where to eat:
    La Tupina, typical SW France cuisine, nice selection of wines, decent prices. In the old city center, near the Garonne river.
    Jean Ramet's, right behind the Opera, on the Garonne river bank. A bit more expensive, but great cuisine.
    Le Chapon Fin, in the midst of the Golden Triangle. Must-see 1900 dining room. Mostly a fish restaurant. Same price range as Jean Ramet's (lunch starting at 30 EUR, dinner at 50).

    Shopping tip:
    Buy some wine at La Vinothèque, in the Golden Triangle (between the Opera and a huge square known as Place des Quinconces). Huge selection of wines and spirits, at unbeatable prices.
    (well, the supermarket across the street from the Burdigala Hotel does beat it, but I need not mention the quality of service or the storage conditions )

    Hope this helped. I'm sure you will have a blast driving your new 911 during the Grand Tour!

    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    Thanks for the suggestions so far guys!

    TSO - That place looks sweet. I'm definitely going to book it.

    OCEAN - Holy smokes! Well, you only live once eh?

    The Groom - Great guidance! It looks like the Grand Hotel Radisson is scheduled for completion in January 2007. I now have the Burdigala as my top choice. By the way, any thoughts on the lodging chateau's in the area. As I do more research, I find myself favoring countryside settings.

    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    Keep this travelog going! Here's my places:

    Stuttgart (2 nites)
    Heidelberg (Friends)
    Cernobbio (Villa d'Este)
    Amalfi (2 nites)
    Florence or Pisa (1 nite)
    Vienna (2 nites)
    Garmisch (2 nites)
    Luxembourg (Royale)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Time frame is now late June July I believe. (Ask Porsche!)


    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    I did not have the opportunity to try them out personally (I'm more of a city guy), but you might want to check those out:
    Relais & Châteaux in the Bordeaux area

    #1 is a Renaissance castle about 50 miles north of Bordeaux, near the A10 highway. Since you'll be arriving from the North, you might want to spend the first night there.

    #2 and #3 are in the midst of the wine-growing region. If you plan to visit one of our famous chateaux, definitely spend one night there.

    #4 is a designer hotel built in a small town overlooking the Garonne river, and across that, Bordeaux.

    I'd recommend you spend the morning in downtown Bordeaux (if just for the XVIIIth century district), and the afternoon in the wine-growing areas.

    I think the following schedule would suit your needs best:
    Night 1 in Mirambeau
    Morning and lunch in Bordeaux
    Afternoon in Saint-Emilion
    Dinner and night 2 in Saint-Emilion (Hostellerie de Plaisance)

    Another tip: print out driving directions from They show the location of the fixed radars on your way.
    Besides, I don't think they'll provide you with the European Navigation DVD, so you can't really rely on PCM during your Grand tour.

    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    The Groom - You are the man! Yeah, via michelin is a cool site that I've been using to get a general sense for distance, time and tolls. Once my routes are finalized, I'll be printing the point-by-point directions.

    Re: OT - Lodging Challenge for European Grand Loop

    You're welcome sato, it's perfectly natural to help out a fellow Rennteamer when they're preparing the ride of their life!



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