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    More ?'s. Cayenne Turbo vrs VW V8?

    OK. I'm still trying to decide weather to trade my 03 C4S for a Cayenne Turbo. Thank you for all your reply's!
    Next Question. How does the CT compare to the VW V8? Not just performance, but in terms of overall construction. Is the CT beefed up more? Are they the same body? I don't really want a VW on steroids. Has Porsche overbuilt the CT similar to the 911 in terms of overall quality? How do you think (guess) the resale value will be? What about longevity of this new V8TT?

    Re: More ?'s. Cayenne Turbo vrs VW V8?

    The Touareg and Cayenne have the exact same body structure. The Porsche version is no different from the VW. It is a very strong and rigid structure incorporating some cutting edge technology in the use of multiphase steels. The Cayenne/Touareg body is a different type of vehicle than the 911 and they have different design goals. Compared to other members of their class though, the 911 and Cayenne both compare favorably to their competitors and probably have the strongest body structures in their respective markets.

    Resale is hard to determine at this time. I think the Cayenne is still in the introductory phase. The Cayenne V6 was just introduced this year and it's too early to tell it's effect on the Cayenne. I would guess you could follow the model of the resale values for the various BMW X-5 models and predict the Cayenne would be similar but better.

    Both Cayenne V8's are excellent designs and will provide Porsche with a great base engine for the new sedan. This motor has capacity for growth beyond it's present 4.5 liter form. The S and Turbo use the same basic motor with some variations. The Turbo uses a higher temperature alloy in the head and has an oil spray under the pistons for cooling, among other things. It would seem to be a durable design but it's still too early to tell for sure. I can tell you that my Cayenne S now has 15k miles and has had no measureable oil usage! I changed the oil at 10k and it had not moved off of the full mark since I bought it.

    Re: More ?'s. Cayenne Turbo vrs VW V8?

    I wouldn't worry too much about longevity of the V8TT engine because there are test mules driving around with 600 HP.
    Is the Cayenne Turbo a beefed up VW Touareg? Definetely yes. But maybe the VW Touareg is a detuned Cayenne?
    To say it blunt: both cars use the same suppliers and build quality is practically the same. But is it a bad thing? I don't think so. Volkswagen has a better reputation in Germany than Opel (General Motors) or Fiat (remember Ferrari? ). Audi is owned by VW and they share a LOT of parts, you'd be surprised to learn how many.
    Did I mention Bentley and Lamborghini, both Volkswagen owned companies and using VW suppliers too?!

    The real thing which matters is the setup of the VW Touareg and the Cayenne and there is one thing for sure: both may share almost the same parts and the same roots but they're definetely two different beasts. Comparing the VW Touareg V8 with the Cayenne Turbo is like comparing apples with oranges or even furthermore like comparing nuts with strawberries.
    Even the Cayenne S outruns the Touareg V8, not only on the straight line but also regarding handling. So comparing the VW Touareg V8 with the Cayenne Turbo doesn't really make sense.
    If you're looking for a similar beast, look out for the upcoming Mercedes G55 Kompressor AMG with the same power as the E55 AMG. This "tank" does 0-60 mph in the same time as the Cayenne Turbo does but handling will be worse and top speed is limited to 210 kph. There is nothing else on the market you could possibly compare the Cayenne Turbo to, the new BMW X5 4.8is is indeed faster than the Cayenne S but not even close to Cayenne Turbo performance.
    So if you're looking for a comfy and sporty family transportation, look no further and go for the Cayenne Turbo. The only alternatives would be the E55 AMG, the S55 AMG and the upcoming new BMW M5 but trust me, you don't want to drive a limousine with a little kid or even two kids. A SUV is the perfect family car!



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