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    Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    Well, despite the forecast for some light snow here on Sunday I mounted my Kahn 22"x 10" RS-C wheels in Hyper Silver with BFG KDW 2 285x35x22 Tires.

    For pics click on the link. Music on bottom of page for your enjoyment.

    Stats: 22" x 10" Monobloc Wheel 45lbs

    Appearance: Sweet! But I will let you be the judge. Some might not like the looks, some might be neutral, but I definitely LOVE them.

    Ride: Slightly stiff on "Sport" and "Normal" settings. Needed to switch to "Comfort" setting. Riding on 18's I normally rode on "Sport" setting, so the ride does not feel different from this to 22's on "Comfort."

    Vibration: None so far! Had the car driving on streets, highway, and dirt roads. About 500 miles so far.

    Finish: Superb. Color of rims matches all external trim. Finish gloss seems to repel brake dust well and is very easy to clean.

    Value: Fantastic Value at $3,399.00 withcenter caps and shipping for this style and set. GMP normally sells RS-C Monoblocs for $1,299 each plus tires. So $6,356 - $3,399 Saved $2,957. Cheapest Price for 20" Sport Technos with center caps is $4457 shipped & balanced.

    Con's: Not OEM Diameter Tire (285/35-22 is 29.9" tall). OE Porsche Tire 275/40-20 is 28.7" diameter. 82lbs with BFG Tires vs. 65lbs for 20" Sport Technos with tires. Consequences? Increased wear and tear, possible vibration issues? We will have to wait and see.

    Thanks for everyone's previous input and info.

    Re: Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    thanks for the info, is there any reason not to put 285's instead of 275's on the techno rim? The sales guy told me to stick with the specs but it think the extra width looks good???


    Re: Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    I really wasn't given the option/didn't consider this tire.
    What is the width difference?
    Better perfomance or just appearance?
    Currently the wheel and the tire are basically flush, with a few millimeters extra rubber (maybe 10mm -15mm)
    For protection from scratching and marring I think the best option is a wheel with a lip and recessed spokes.

    Re: Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    No reason that you couldn't. But if you want to stay true to Porsche testing and specs then get the 275's for the sport technos and get an N specified tire (
    If I stuck with the 20" Sport Technos I would have gotten the 275 size. That way if there are any issues whatsoever, your warranty and roadside assistance MUST cover any expediture. The difference btwn. 275 and 285 will be pretty small for most onlookers to notice.

    Re: Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    Looks great. Did you have the suspension lowered. Some pictures I see, the body sits up to high. Yours look perfect.


    Re: Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    Yes the suspension was lower than for normal driving (not the load level though). But I do not have an aftermarket lowering kit, just factory adjustable suspension. Or was your post suggesting that I do actually get a lowering kit to make it look better??

    Re: Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    i was thinking you had an after market lowering kit. My car doesn't have the adjustable suspension.


    Re: Review & Pics of Mounted 22" Kahn Wheels

    For some guys, even the settings on the adjustable suspension are too high so they have an aftermarket mod drop it some more, which works pretty seamlessly with the OEM setup. Look here: Now that's slammin'



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