Moogle said:
Now porsche is the the last of the big german firms to offer a Two clutch gearbox... there better be a good reason for the delay.

There really isn't a reason and the closest reasons to come to mind are 1. Reliability (Porsche is reliable and hardy) 2. Profitability. They are waiting for the moment most advantageous to PAG's profit before rolling out. It could be till they can sell all their other auto boxes first... However, now that they have waited for so long for the last only piece of missing puzzle, they very soon have to roll it out given the reason that any delay would mean that the PDK is yesterday's news. Many cars like the AUDI TT and GOLF had had this for eons and this is nothing new even if they roll it out today across the board. Honestly, even Volvos are coming with dual clutch transmissions now and if the brand known for soccer mom has this... why not the premium priced PORSCHE? Finally, GTR's dual clutch has beaten the TT handsdown and this last piece of missing puzzle would have PAG continuing its legacy as KING?