ed_moree said:
AndyM said:
When I was down visiting the Porsche factory this july, I was waiting at the train station in Stuttgart, and it's right by the highway. I heard a loud, raspy flat-6 bombing by. I looked down and it was a Cayman, but it was painted exactly the same as a GT3 RS. The same orange paint, black accents with the black stripe on the bottom saying "Cayman RS", and I think it had a small-ish, useful, wing. I doubt they'd let it out in the open like that if it was really going to look like that, but it did get my imagination going!

We need proofs man!!!! where are the pictures?

I sooooooo wish that i had my camera with me, but in the e-mail I got to go to the factory it said strictly "no camera's on premises". So I didn't bring one. Little did i know I could actually bring one..... grrrrrr