Just returned from Leipzig, where I was a guest of a Rennteam Board member who has ordered a Carrera GT. Several other Board members/CGT purchasers were there, and someone will surely be posting photos of the CGT (along with GT2s, turbos, cayennes, and a 4S) in action on the Porsche track. The car is phenomenal, stunning, close to brutal in its power and handling. There will be some interesting posts soon, I am sure, but as I was a guest (not a customer) I will defer to purchasers who deserve to enjoy first postings of their pictures and impressions.

I wanted to comment on the Cayenne Turbo, which previously had appealed to me, but I had never driven on the street or track. I had a chance to drive it several times around the Leipzig track at moderate/high speed, with a test driver, and was extremely impressed. Solid, fast, comfortable, smooth and powerful. I used the tip lever to shift, and found it easy to use and responsive. In my view, a remarkable and fine automobile. (The test driver, early in the day, was four wheel drifting through several turns, much to everyone's delight).

We also were squired about each day in a Cayenne S. Plenty fast (we were at 135 mph with no fuss), but I found the ride too stiff without the air shock system, and missed the turbos power.

We took both the turbo and an S through the SUV course at Leipzig. The vehicles are impressive off road machines.

Syd--2001 TT