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    Ready to confirm my Turbo...

    Hi guys

    Saturday i'll confirm options and colour of my september 2002 Production Turbo...

    I think to go with Meridian interior and carbon insert...also carbon center console,sport seats(not Gt3 for me are too "racing"...)rims painted in!!??

    For me is all,but anyone know something about new sport suspensions...or other????

    Any new idea ??????


    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo...

    it is a good thing that your turbo will be a september production because that is the month from which the factory starts for new year model.
    The new options will be PCCB brakes (they were not available before, even some GT2 were delivered with turbo brakes, but like RC pointed out, the standard brakes are enough and on top of that the ceramic brakes are a bit noisy) another interesting option though will be GT2 suspension, the turbo will sit 20mm lower than standard model, will look nicer but compromise comfort a bit. Voila!
    Otherwise, you might want to have a look at a meridian Porsche with red interior, sounds weird to me. I personnaly like Seal grey or ocean blue with light grey interior. But hey, that's up to you.

    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo...


    I must see a Meridian Turbo this week...and i decide if is a good choice or not.....i'd saw a meridian last week..and is very special....
    BLue,black for me are not good becouse of scratches.....and artic silver is toooooo normal....heheh

    Wow Gt2 suspension looks good...i think are good for me...i use the car only in week end....

    The car is production as MY2003 becouse i whant this...Porsche Italia said to me that i can have the car for end May but is better to wait new order is down from October 2001!!!


    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo...

    Concerning the 20mm sports suspension, I just read it's not a 100% sure but you can order a carrera with 30 mm suspension(GT3) so I don't see why you couldn't with a turbo.
    My C4C is polar grey, it is what they call a special color, you might want to check it out, very nice with dark blue interior, it looks a bit like arctic grey but with shades of light blue, very nice in the sun.
    Take care.

    new PCM

    If your car will be a september produced, you might also get the new PCM with a real phone pad!!! I know, it's a detail, but every little helps.

    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo...

    The 996 and 996 Turbo have a completely different suspension and body. The 996 body has to be enforced on certain body parts to withstand the rigidity of the 30 mm sport suspension. One reason why this option is that expensive and one reason why Porsche doesn't offer a retrofit.

    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo... rims

    Dario, wait for MY 2003 and don't take the may delivery, unless you badly need or want the car. Chances are also high that you get PCM 2 with the MY 2003 Turbo. Our other Editor-In-Chief "CR" takes delivery of his Turbo end of may, he couldn't wait. I guess he'll fill this forum with pictures of his new Turbo, never saw a guy THAT crazy about a new car.

    BTW: I think that titanium painted rims match a Meridian coloured car much better than black painted rims. Just my personal opinion. Maybe you should take a short trip to the factory (Exclusive department) and ask them to help you with your decision. They're very friendly, very capable and they love to show customers around.
    I attached a picture of my Turbo, unfortunately this picture is already more than one year old.

    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo... rims


    When will arrive my car....i send pics in all the world!!! mine is a dream that came true!!!

    Unfortunately i'm not sure about the colour....

    My dream is Speed Yellow,titanium paited rims,grey interior,carbon insert yellow belts and yellow instruments panel..where there are Km/h RPM etc...
    But i live in a small city...and a Turbo is just a TURBO....and yellow..IS A YELLOW TURBO!!

    In real i'm thinking at:
    Artic silver,red interior,titanium painted rims,carbon/aluminium insert...

    Meridian Metallic,red interior,titanium painted rims,carbon insert....

    But..if in the day of the confirm i'm angry i go for yellow!!!

    Tomorrow i ask my dealer if is possible for me to go to Porsche AG to look at Exclusive department...thanks Chris!


    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo... rims

    You don't have to ask your dealer. Just give Exclusive department a call and you're set. It might however be more wise to make your dealer call them (yes, it is possible !)and make an appointment because by this way Exclusive department knows that you're a serious customer and not just a "fake" person.
    A little "dream" advise: go for what you're dreaming of. The Turbo is a very special car and if you intend to keep it a while, go for the specs you love. Not to forget about the fact that most Turbos out there are silver or black.

    Small town ? I thought only in Germany we have these kind of problems but I'm happy to read that Italians are not different. In Germany, if you want to be a "good" neighbor, you have to live "understatement". When I had my red Turbo in the garage, I had to listen to a lot of comments from my neighbors and I didn't like it at all. Before my red Turbo, I owned several silver Porsches and I never had any Porsche talk with my neighbors.

    It depends what you want: do you want to fullfill yourself a dream or just think about it ?

    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo... rims


    i'm not sure this time-- but porsche's color palette is changing from model year to model year (remember the golden color from MY2000? gone in MY2001)

    BTW: what about the resale value...? if this is important to you, an unusal color might not be the best choice. if you don't care, go for the color of your dreams! you won't hear your neighbours talking anyway -- just order a sports exhaust system and REV IT UP!! ;-))

    cheers; zzboba

    Re: Ready to confirm my Turbo... rims

    Guys...the sport exhaust is the first aftermarket things that i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am arrived now from my dealer...and i saw the Meridian Turbo.....he...mmmmhhhh???
    Is good,but normal rims (not painted) seems to be of another car....not good on a meridian.....

    i don't know...this car drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!

    I've just spoke also with Porsche Italia...and they say that is not good to put titanium painted rims becouse in Italy no one ask painted rims....and is heavy to have those rims painted..

    WHat can i do????????????????

    i'm tooooooooo undecided...

    Maybe is better that i go with artic silver,non painted interior and aluminium too normal......yes i know.......

    Porsche Italia said to me that there are new colours for MY2003...but don't tell me which kind of colours...anyone know??


    Dario, Sounds to me like

    they (Porsche Italia) wants to get rid of what they got in the lot and tehy're trying to change your mind about the painted wheels. I personally think painted wheels make the car very exclusive compare to not painted ones, but of course it all depends on one's taste.
    In short, if painted wheels are what you like then get it don't let anyone's opinion influence you in changing your order.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Re: now.....

    i'm sure....

    I go with meridian metallic,meridian painted rims,red interior and carbon insert.....STOP!!

    Thanks all for help me
    Ciao belli

    Dario, don't forget

    Red Seatbelt option (don't remember the option number) goes with Red brake calipers, real nice.

    Re: now.....

    STOP ? Are you sure ? Good luck. BTW: if you're married, ask your wife. I did so and I'm a happy owner now.

    Re: Dario, don't forget

    Chris i'm not married i'm 28 and i'm with the same girlfriend from 7 years....maybe is the same that married.. .....hemm yes is the same... seatbelts..but with red leather interior....are good??

    Now also Heidfeld as painted rims on his GT2!!!!




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