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    Perfect "spy cam" for car shots - a bit off-topic

    Just got the Nokia 7650 cellular phone today as a gift.
    This phone has an integrated digital camera.
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the quality of the pictures. Although not even close to good digital cameras, the quality is acceptable for spy shots or spontaneous drive-by pictures. Not to speak about the good phone quality.
    One picture shows the phone and the other one an ORIGINAL picture (not modified in ANY way) straight out of the camera.
    I think I'm in love.
    No, this is no paid advertisement, we don't have ads on ... just in case somebody doesn't understand why I posted this.

    Re: GREAT!! NT

    Re: GREAT!! NT

    Cool toy Christian
    My sister in is HK right now, and I asked her to bring me back one of those.
    She called me and said, I have in front of me, nice machine but much bigger than your 8850, it is actually as big as a Palm Pilot.
    So I said no, I like my phone in my pocket.
    What do you think? Is it that big?
    BTW, what is lokasil?
    And Nikasil? (Nickel + silicium???)

    Re: Perfect "spy cam" for car shots - a bit off-topic

    I have been browsing Nokia's web site since I saw your post. They have amazing products but it's very sad that as much as we think U.S. is technically advanced none of Nokia's advanced products/features is offered in the state .
    I always believed that Europe is way ahead of the U.S. as far as wireless communication is concerned and some more.

    Re: GREAT!! NT

    To Francois: it is a bit bulky compared to the 8850 but not really as big as a Palm Pilot. It hasn't only an integrated digital camera but also a phot album, you can send the pics as an e-Mail attachment or as MMS, it has a POP3 and SMTP4 mail client, it has GPRS and HSCD, dual band (900 & 1800 MHz), Contac managment (Outlook, Lotus, etc.), Java ME (so all kind of Java ME programs are compatible), Games, speech activation, bla bla bla ... I could continue.

    To Ron: I'm not really sure that this is true. I guess Japan is much more advanced regarding wireless applications and phones. Regarding the US and Europe: I remember when I was the first time in the US back in 1979 and I saw a microwave oven at somebody's place. I never had seen such a thing in Europe. Same applies to other things like for example credit cards, touch screen registers, etc. . I guess every country has it's advancements in different domains. The US is for example at least 10 years ahead regarding military technology and around 5 years regarding medical technology. But at least WE build Porsche.



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