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    AutoExpress - New 928

    Get ready for a blast from Porsche’s past! The German firm is developing a luxurious, front-engined grand tourer – a spiritual successor to the 928 built between 1977 and 1995. The ‘new 928’ will be a fifth model line, and is designed to sit above the sportier 911 in the range.

    With the compact Boxster and Cayman, the 911, the Cayenne SUV and four-door Panamera, Porsche would appear to have most bases covered. But it’s notable for its absence in the front-engined GT segment. The newcomer will allow the brand to take on rivals such as the Ferrari 599 GTB, Bentley Continental GT and Aston Martin DB9. And our exclusive pictures show exactly why the curvy, Panamera-based coupé is set to stun the competition.

    Essentially it’s a two-door, short-wheelbase version of the Panamera, which will help to spread the £1.1billion development costs of that model. Its front-engined layout has a number of inherent benefits, too.

    A rear-engined 911 has barely more than 100 litres of luggage space, but a similarly sized GT with its motor up front would offer a useful 320 litres – a vital attribute if the new 928 is to be taken seriously as a grand tourer.

    While the nose is virtually identical to the Panamera, the shortened wheelbase and 2+2 layout mean the 928 features far smoother lines at the back. One of the major criticisms levelled at the four-door Panamera was its bloated rear, but this model’s muscular haunches and neater proportions should attract a new wave of style-conscious customers.

    As you’d expect from Porsche, though, driver appeal remains a top priority. The engine line-up will mirror that of the Panamera, so a 4.8-litre V8, with or without a turbocharger, producing 500bhp or 400bhp, will be available. The naturally aspirated variant is set to come with four or rear-wheel drive, while the range-topping turbo model will be 4WD only.

    Thirsty V8s aren’t the only power units on the agenda. The Cayenne SUV hybrid is ready to go on sale next year, with a petrol-electric version of the Panamera following closely behind. As the new 928 shares the latter’s platform, it’s sure to get the hybrid drivetrain, too.

    An Audi S4-sourced 369bhp 3.0-litre supercharged V6, coupled to a 38kW electric motor, will give the hybrid 928 fuel economy that breaks the 30mpg barrier. That will make it the most frugal petrol-powered Porsche ever, while still providing hair-raising performance.

    The 928 will slot into Porsche’s pricing line-up somewhere between the 911 and Panamera. The four-door ranges from £70,000-£95,000, while the 911 starts a little lower, at just over £60,000, but stretches to £128,000 for the GT2.

    With this is mind, expect the 928 to be pitched between £65,000 and £90,000 – enough to safely undercut its Ferrari and Aston rivals when it goes on sale in 2012.


    Re: AutoExpress - New 928

    The next 928 will be the Panamera Coupe (which looks slightly different than the limo but not THAT much). It is funny how many speculations started after VW took over but people tend to forget that the model line for the next 5(!) years has been decided BEFORE VW took over. 


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    Re: AutoExpress - New 928

    RC - Will the new 928 continue to have the Wendy Hunch roof-line?

    Re: AutoExpress - New 928


    The next 928 will be the Panamera Coupe (which looks slightly different than the limo but not THAT much). It is funny how many speculations started after VW took over but people tend to forget that the model line for the next 5(!) years has been decided BEFORE VW took over. 

    All it takes is 1 swipe of a pen from Ferdinand and all of Wendells work goes out the window. I can't imagine Piech letting any specific design wendell had a hand in continuing without Piech changing it to his liking. After all the cars have his family name on them not wiedecking.

    The 928 has a lot of Porsche family history in it. Ferdinand Piech worked on the very beginning of the 928 project and is said to have pushed for the largest engine displacement. His mother had a say in all stages of the development of the car. Below is a pic of the day the final 928 design was presented to the Porsche Board and it is Louise Piech, Ferdinands mother, whom Ernst Fuhrmann is presenting the car to. (with Ferry and Dorothy looking on.

    Also note that hardly a mention of the 928 could be found in the last 10 years at Porsche under WW and after he leaves the 928 has the most prominent spot in the commercial introducing the Panamera.

    Imo this auto express photo of a new 928 looks stunning from the back and sides. The front could use a little work, BUT it actually looks like a real car and not a pshop.928 presentation ferry and piech.jpg

    Re: AutoExpress - New 928

    Tom, agree with your comments on Pieech and W-squared.  If Porsche, Pieech, et al can make a Panacoupe that looks as GOOD as the car displayed in the Auto Express pics, with plenty of turbocharged power and a manual tranny option, this could be my daily WINTER driver car-the front engine GT setup with its attendant understeer would work in our very snowy winter weather around here. Smiley 

    Winterkorn has said the Panamera 4-door would have been axed if not already further along in development before VAG acquired PAG, and that the 4-door model will last only one generation, but this coupe could at least lengthen the lifespan of the Pana platform.Smiley



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    Re: AutoExpress - New 928

     It does look good, in fact it looks awesome! That car looks better to me from the back and sides than any other GT on the market, more sleek than the CLS and with the PDK, panamera powerplant and less weight, you are looking at sub-3 0-60 times.

    No reason why Piech would not want to make this and reference back to the 928 - a car with his input and his family input all over it. A good use of the money WW spent with no lingering WW fingerprints.


    The photo's look more real to me than any pshop - any chance they are real?

    Re: AutoExpress - New 928

    I'd say there is almost 0 chance they are real. The rear end looks too much like a Jaguar and there is not enough clearance in the wheel wells. I am looking forward to hearing developments on this car!

    Re: AutoExpress - New 928

    They are not real, rest assured. You can clearly see where the pattern of the concrete in the background is different form the surroundings, because they had to retouch the image.


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