Hi all.

I had the chance to have a close look at the new Gallardo this weekend. It was one of the first cars delivered to Germany, yellow outside, black inside. Unfortunately there wasn't the chance of a test drive.

Anyway, here are my impressions:
Let's start with the cabin. The Gallardo is - though quite low - relatively easy to enter (lever of the hand brake is located in the middle), due to wide opening doors (if you can open them that wide...). The car has very supportive, but comfortable seats and the whole interior looks classy and well built. Cabin space is very limited, much more than in the 360 and even in the 355. There is no space behind the seats, and the side windows are relatively small. Rear window is very small as well, the window in a 355, which is similar to that in the Gallardo, is nearly twice as high. And the window is not bent round the C-pillar as in the Ferrari. Out of all these reasons, rear view is very limited.
The instruments definetely have an Audi touch, but different to what I had expected, that doesn't bother at all. They look fine. Paddle shift of the E-gas can be reached easily, but I prefer the F1 paddles of Ferrari, which are bigger. Even the center console with its Audi switches is alright, all fits together well. Interior was held in black, with yellow stitching, what gives it a nice extra note.

Viewed from the outside, the Gallardo has impressive looks. Let's start with the front. The car is very low, surely as low as the Enzo that was shown beside it. Driving in and around town surely will bear some problems. The front lights are very nice, aggressive and special, IMO perfect for a Lamborghini.
The side of the car gives a different impression. Air inlets behind the door look great, the whole side line has a good styling. What I didn't like are the mirrors, which have an edgy, strange appearance and the alloy wheels. The latter look somehow overdesigned, a mixture between the classic Lamborghini telephone dial style and straight Audi RS alloys. They should have decided for one. Moreover the alloys seem to be wider than the rubber of the tyres, what doesn't look good to me.
The back of the car is the major letdown of the Gallardo. The back is just boring, worlds apart from the wonderful design of a 355, 360 or older Lamborghinis as the Diablo. It is just a massive, rectangular and unimaginative back with many air outlets and very boring rear lights. Even the slitted engine bay lid and the two big exhaust pipes can't help it.