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    GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

    Hi all ...

    i have been twice to the track with my 997 C2S with some friends and i liked it alot Smiley

    and since then i have been searching for a good car for track mainly, and this is what i found.

    a brand new GT3 from Porsche dealer that doesn't have PCCB or a slightly used -2008- GT3 RS.

    i know they have different engines, the new GT3 has 3.8 and the RS has 3.6 but can someone help me to choose, I'm not a professional driver and I'm not looking to be one. 

    thanks in advance .

    Re: GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

    better performance, .2GT3.

    better for collection, .1RS.

    better performance and collection, .2RS.



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    Re: GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

     I'd go for the new .2 GT3  I'm guessing you mainly use your car outside the track since you've only been twice on it with the C2S, so the .2 GT3 would be more comfortable for normal driving yet a deadly weapon on the track. I'm pretty sure you'll get better resale value with the GT3 than the RS. Also the joy of getting a brand new car 

    Re: GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

    Personally I would get the GT3 Mk2 - it's a superb car! 


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    Re: GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

    i don't use even my C2S very often, it's 07 model and i did till now 11,000km only.

    honestly i like the RS alot specially the MK.2 but that is way above my budget. and the new GT3 has a special offer from the dealer that i see it very interesting

    so for performance, the RS would be a good choice?!

    Re: GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

     I would also go for the .2 GT3. You will not notice a difference in performance , and probaly be faster with the .2GT3. The GT3 will actually be easier to drive to ''the limit'' , as it has PSM and save you in the case you have gone too far. On wet it will also be better.

    The RS will just ''feel'' more of race car due to the looks and the inside sound ( not that the GT3 feels much less )


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    Re: GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

     I had a Gen 2 Carrera S which i traded in for the Gen 2 GT3 last June, for more or less the same reasons as you. Take the GT3 for a test drive; i dare you not to be sold on it after 1km !

    The GT3 is such a fantastic car. I know you should never say never, but i will never part with it.

    My reading of your post is that you are getting into track days, therefore i would recommend the GT3 .2 like mine. The new RS is a fantastic car, and i often think what if ? but then when i drive it on the roads and track i just cannot think of a better car. 

    I would also say that the ability of 8/10 drivers will never be able to extract all the GT3 has to give and thereby require the new RS. Save a few pennies, get the GT3 and then invest in some driver training.

    Comparing the new GT3 against the original 997 RS, i think items like the new PCM3 (If you read Chris Harris's running report on his Mk1 997 GT3 in Evo this month, you will see he misses not having PCM3) , Lift system and dual mass flywheel make for a better road car. Having said that, mine only gets occasional road and track use, as i have a daily hack for work. 

    If you do go for a .2 GT3 then i would recommend seeking one out with the following options (Note this is my opinion)

    Lightweight bucket seats (Great support and driving position as you sit lower in the car, also the most comfortable on long runs)


    Dynamic Engine Mounts

    Lift System

    PCCB Brakes

    PCM3 (Great system)

    Don't bother with the sports chrono package as it does nothing for the exhaust/ engine performance on a GT3. (You get the sport button regardless)

    Quick pic of mine at Oulton Park last October..... Resistance is futile !!!!

    POR.OULT.261010 624.jpg



    Re: GT3 RS MK.1 or GT3 MK.2

    Considering that you are just starting with track driving, the .2 GT3 has the obvious advantage of PSM, as being said above. I do believe that, even in standard setup, that it is faster than the .1 GT3 RS. Lightweight or Folding Bucket Seats would be my choice as well as they provide comfort and support. PCCB would be debatable for me, being a potential cost issue under heavy use.



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