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    Help find 20" Sport Techno Wheels + more

    Hi everyone! I've been spending too much time trying to get a more custom look to my White Turbo Pepper. The wheels I wanted originally were 22" but I'm too worried that the ride will be uncomfortable and the might not handle as well or be as safe as factory spec OEM stuff. So I'm leaning heavily to the 20" Sport Techno wheels with in the widest version recommended. I also prefer painted white to match or I can get them painted. 20" White Sport Techno Wheels

    Any help finding these is appreciated. Looking for new or used and hopefluuy close by. I live in Northern California near San Fransisco.

    Hear is a quote from another post recommending some specs.
    There are also three different versions available.
    If you're owning a Cayenne Turbo and you're planning to get the 500 HP powerkit retrofitted sooner or later, get the NEWER version of the Sport Techno rims which has changed spokes to allow room for the bigger brakes of the powerkit.
    These rims are standard on ALL Cayenne for MY 2006 and some cars of late MY 2005 (may/june production?).
    The third available version is the version which is 10'' wide in the rear instead of 9''. You can achieve a similar "effect" in the rear by using the 17 mm wheel spacers with the 9'' rims in the rear.

    Especially on the Cayenne, the tire choice is very important. I would go with Porsche approved tires only, I like the Michelin Diamaris very much, it offers a perfect combo of sportiness in the dry and sufficient traction and safety in the wet. All Porsche approved tires have a N-designation in their name, like N0, N1, etc.

    Here is a pic of my 2005 Turbo White Pepper

    ** Another thing I'm trying to figure out how to go about doing, is putting a silver decal on the sides that spells "Turbo White Pepper" or just "TURBO" in along a silver stripe. Any picture of side decals on peppers or ideas on how to get this done??

    Also want to put 25% more tint all around the back and sides.

    And last but not least... Still trying to get MP3 hardwired into the sound system. I'm running RF right now and it sucks. Definately would really appreciate any known mods to get either CD/DVD playing MP3's or hard wired iPod type fix for the sound system.

    Thanks for reading...

    Re: Help find 20" Sport Techno Wheels + more

    Woah, that's a bright color. and I can see how you'd want bigger rims, they don't fit now. Too small. I can't help you, but good luck!



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