Dear all,
Like planned, I testdrove an SL55 on sunday, I was disapointed.
It's a shame, I read in the british press this car was amazing.
We have an SL500, and I was expecting much more, more power, but also better chassis, more of a sport car.
But not at all, it is just an SL500 with 200hp more.
It is extremely fast in straight line but the ESP kicks in all the time in first and second gear.
The paddleshift is completely crap.
The noise is better than the 500 but not amazing.
Nothing like the Porsche sport exhaust
I came to the test center with the C4C, it is such a funnier car to drive
Now I know the difference between a powerful GT and a real sport car, thank you Porsche, I think I'll keep my baby for a little while then.
I need a turbo X50
Take care,
PS: Daytona, where are you in Scotland?
I'm moving to Aberdeen for 2 years next september (that's in a while but just being curious)