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    Just test drove the 997s

    WOW !!! What a car. Just came back from test driving the 997s. Great car... definitely has more torque than the 996 and pulls well in the entire rpm range...handles like its on rails.....and build quality is much better. The transmission is also much improved and the shifting much shorter. The exhaust is a little louder than the 996 but not as loud as the PSE. I did not notice too much difference in the suspension between regular and sport (suspect the real difference will be mostly on the track). I love the interioir and the wheels...much better in person than in pictures. It was beside a 996....very noticeable difference in the stance.

    I almost got a ticket :-) Was entering the highway from an off ramp and punched it...was doing around 90mph when the salesman said "COP"...there he was hidden. I suspect he didnt see me in the ramp but definitely heard me. Luckily he was looking at the highway not the ramp for speeders.....i slowed down real quick. He saw me and followed me for a couple of miles..really think he thought he had me

    Now cant wait for mine to be delivered...should be in next 2 weeks or so.
    2005 997 Carrera S (on order)

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    Congrats rlj

    Get yourself a V1 soon cause I see you getting a heavy right foot when you get your new toy...

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    You SHOULD have a gotten a ticket, "...entering the highway from an off ramp " !

    Congrats on getting your car soon!

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    Good you did not get a ticket. I would agree get a V1. Congats on you getting your car. Mine is months away. What color and options did you get?

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    Carlos, i do have a V1 already...first thing i will install

    ArunK, Seal grey, full leather, high end Bose... car is apparently already in the the US port.

    So Cal Alan, your right was the on-ramp ;-)

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    Terrific I am sure you will enjoy your new car. What color is your interior? Congrats again. Nice color. I like you I am looking forward to getting me new car as much as you. After seeing it in person it looks great. I am supposed to drive it this coming week.

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    The Valentine wouldn't have helped him in that situation.

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    You are correct the valentine would not have helped in that situation. But it does work better than all the other radars.

    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    Slightly off topic, but here are two great websites with reviews of radar detectors:




    Re: Just test drove the 997s

    Arunk, i went with the grey interior...

    The V1 would have helped. It would have picked up the signal and told me it was coming from the side as I came onto the on-ramp. Happened to me several times in my Corvette.

    Anyone know yet how to install the V1 in a 997 (location, wiring, etc..)?? Maybe some of Europe friends know.



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