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    Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    We know that a 911 must be R-engine and the it's engine must be a Flat6.This will never change due to the traditional reason.

    And what about the suspension?Must it be a McPherson Strut in the front and a Multi-link in the rear?Will 911 use double-wishbones someday?

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    IF they solve the packaging problem.

    Double wishbone in the front will eat up quite a bit of trunk room compared with the strut-type.

    For the rear, not sure if a double wishbone is better than the multi-link right now.

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    Hmmm I dont think that there only will be a Flat6 in the Future. The only tradition is a Flat boxer, but why not seeing more cylinders in the future. In the past there was also a Flat4! Further on, traditionalists have been saying, it always will be air-cooled, now it is water cooled noone complains any more.

    So - wait and see. I still see potential for a V10 engine in the back or why not in the middle. I think noone here really knows where the journey goes to. But Porsche needs to stay competitive. The Flat 6 seems IMO a bit at the end of what is possible.

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    Hello, Flat-8!

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    Would it not be too long to fit in the rear?

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    Flat-8 or V8 would probably be too heavy and too long to fit in the back. It'd ruin the handling.

    Moreover, the displacement race has probably reached a permanently high plateau. Ferrari has hinted it might phase out its V12 engines in the near future. Likewise, Audi is replacing its V8 S4 with a V6 biturbo S4, etc etc. Small engine with multiple turbos appears to the next big thing, so the 911 is in fact well positioned in its current form.

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    It's funny , but the ACO and FIA sports car rules do not favor small engines with turbos, but rather larger engine displacements.
    Porsche needs to have at least one V8 road going sports car so that it can then develop a competitive race going GT

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    LOL,Why you guys start to talk about the engines?
    Anyway,let's back to the discussion on double-wishbones.

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    Lars made a good point. I would like to see a 911 equipped with double wishbones up front but like it was said earlier, it is a packaging issue. I doubt the multi-link will go away.

    But again, Lars makes a good point about the engine, which is a touchy topic whereas the suspension just is not.

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    Due to the low amount of weight and center of gravity I assume that double-wishbone suspension up front would provide less advantages on the mid- and especially rear-engined Porsche models than on other, especially front-engined cars on the market. The multilink suspension at the rear was introduced on the 993 model and contributed to the improved handling on that car. I'd say, in terms of productivity and packaging the McPherson struts up front seem to be at least sufficient on the 911 models. Just my 02 cents...

    Porsche was rumoured to work on a flat-8 engine in the past already, at the time of the intended four-door saloon 1.5 decades ago. Porsche engineers were rather reluctant to provide detailed information, as mentioned before the turbocharged engine seems to be just fine for future applications and requirements. Afterall, everybody else could buy the Panamera.

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    But not for GT racing Ferdie.

    Re: Will 911 use double-wishbones suspension?

    Geometry-wise, the multi-link rear is as good as a double wishbone, so there is really no need to do that in the rear.

    If they go to a flat 8, it will add even more weight to the rear, which they do not want, so for packaging reason again a flat 6 is probably the biggest thing they can fit to the rear.



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