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    Trip To Boston

    I just got back from a trip to Boston, Mass for my brothers graduation from BU. On Saturday we ended up going to the Porsche dealership up there, thanks to my suggestion. The Porsche dealership in Boston is 3 floors, first floor being BMW, second floor was Mercedes I believe and the 3rd was Porsche. We arrived at Porsche and what do I see staring at me? A red Carrera GT. It was amazing. I arrived just in time too, after these pictures were taken they drove the CGT down to the street (there is a ramp in the back) to the Red Sox game. Some of the Bo Sox players were interested in it. But man oh man, what a beautiful sound. Unfortunatly, the battery ran out on my camera or I would have had a video. But I just thought I would share this story and these pictures with you guys. Hope you like them!

    I have some more pictures I just thought I would share a few. If you want more, just ask! Also, in some of the pictures you can see from the window how interesting this set up was and how high up we were for a car dealership. Beautiful showroom and dealer though.

    Re: Trip To Boston

    Nice Pics. That guy drives this thing A LOT. He's seen on newbury st., according to reports, trying to hook a buyer. Kind of risky strategy. Red and black are the best colors for the cgt.

    There was a large f-car show on sunday in brookline if your into looking.


    Re: Trip To Boston

    By chance, did you see how many miles were on the odometer or inquire what price they were asking?

    Re: Trip To Boston

    I did not get a chance to see the odometer but the price on the window sticker said, if I remember correctly, around $455,000.

    Re: Trip To Boston

    Jesus! I live so damn close and I didn't even know it was there!!! AHHHH Maybe I will go over there and take a peek at it. I'll just remember to bring a roll of paper towels to clean myself up.

    Re: Trip To Boston

    Nice! Love the red

    Re: Trip To Boston

    Love the pics.

    Re: Trip To Boston

    Sent you a PM.

    Re: Trip To Boston

    racerx said:
    Red and black are the best colors for the cgt.

    Speaking of low-profile black CGT's, yesterday I hurried past a black/natural grey CGT that was parked twenty feet away on the opposite side of a business parking lot and I never even realized it was sitting there parked between two cars with its eyes pointed in my direction. After I entered the establishment, my friend inside asked if I saw "it?"


    "The CGT," he replied calmly.

    I thought he was joking.

    "Look outside. You walked right past it," he gesticulated convincingly.

    I went outside and, I'll be a monkey's uncle, it was sitting there, roof panels detached, staring at me. I proceeded to the rear to see the rear personalised license plate (out of state plate) and an inexpensive plastic plate frame with a "Bad Boy" inscription on the top and bottom."

    I walked back in and wondered who among the customers was the driver. A few minutes later, the driver, a local professional atlete, who is perhaps the owner as well, sauntered out to the car as fifteen people awaited the take-off. Next, the driver fired up the car, quietly pulled out with the semi-cold engine whimpering, and, from a rolling start without any concern for proper warm-up procedure, unleashed most of the 600 bhp with a very quick 1-2 shift executed within the left-right chicane that joins the straights. The exhaust sound howl grew louder and louder as it rocketed forward, the venturi tunnels instigating a dust storm in their wake. And it dwindled in the distance. Quite a showboat exit -- brief bit of fun for spectators and driver but bad for the machine. I pity the second owner of that poor, abused car. Afterwards, I was reminded of a similar case of celebrity abuse where Tim Allen drew doughnuts with his CGT as soon as it rolled off the truck.



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