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    Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    Will Porsche ever make available such a car?

    Re: Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    I've been told by a very high level source at Porsche that they won't. The reason is that it brings a lot of weight at a place where you don't any additional weight. The comment was that this was one of the key reasons why the Mercedes SL didn't perform better at the track....
    For whatever it is worth

    Re: Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    Too much weight for Porsche. The weight is high above the vertical center of gravity. Hard to retract into rear engine car. So, I would say it is not going to happen.

    Re: Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    I don't think so either- the Porsche tops are so well made it seemed like I was driving a coupe when the top was up.

    Re: Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    One more thing. You can buy the hardtop option for a couple grand. Thus, in really bad weather seasons, you can pop on the hard top and fly. It used to come a long time a go (maybe 1999?) as standard, but could be deleted as an option. I had one. It took two to lift off, but you could put a simple rope hoist in the the garge to lift by your self. Anyway, my new car is a coupe as I really like a sun roof. I have a convertible BMW M3 now and in cold weather it too cold to drop the top. I would love to just slide the roof. My wife's Lexus 430SC has a real great hard top convertible (no sun roof). Quick and easy, but this car is not a Porsche. It is freeway cruiser and a beach and sun gem. It can handle the weight of the retractible top in the lap of luxury, but this is not a true sports car (neither is the MB 500SL).

    Re: Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    Pcosta was spot on. I was told the same back when I worked in Weissach. The 911 is THE sports car, not a GT.

    On the other hand, Porsche does build the Targa (well, it will again next Fall), despite the additional weight high above the gravity center...
    I won't complain, I love it and actually want one. :

    So, I wouldn't bet on Porsche never ever building a 911 with a retractable hard top. If the market wants it, they will. It might actually be the future of the Targa (which sold poorly in its current form). They will still sell a soft top, though.

    Re: Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    Sebastian said:
    Will Porsche ever make available such a car?

    There have been plans and as far as I heard, there has been even some sort of prototype. And I think they even registered a patent for a 911 with a retractable hardtop but it was during the 996 "area".

    It can't be excluded but I doubt it. Not now.

    Re: Porsche cab with a retractable hardtop?

    I doubt it but would love it. That's the best of both worlds to me. Sure it would add weight but for us non race car types it would be OK.



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