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    short shift

    Considering a short shift kit for my GT3 and am interested in opinions on which to consider?... I noticed that some have a 10 degree bend in them to emulate the angle of the OEM shifter. Aside from that there are various materials being used for bushings... all with their unique feel, I would think?

    B&M, Schnell, ...? Opinions/experience appreciated.


    Re: short shift

    B and M...only drawback is that they're all a bit stiff and notchy when they're cold in the morning....but that goes away after the car warms up a bit. From what I've heard, the Schnells are pretty close to the B and M, just a bit cheaper....but most of the P car guys will tell you B and M.


    Re: short shift

    thanks Chuck,
    How about the EVO Shift Link? Is the OEM plastic linkage responsible for some the soft/flexible feel that defines part of the lack of precision, or is this link only for those that are afraid it will break if they really ham fist a shift?

    Re: short shift

    I installed the B&M and am quite pleased except when the car is quite cold and it is a bit difficult to get into 1st. As it warms up this SSK is wonderful

    Re: short shift

    I have the OEM Short Shifter. I really like it. When I got my car two months ago with only 900 miles on it, it was pretty tight - especially when cold, but not objectionably. The dealer said it would loosen up when warm and it does. I have 5000 miles on my C4S now including about 400 on the track. It has loosened up nicely. It isn't as tight when cold (but then again it is summer and the car never gets that cold). I have driven a 997 and a cayman with the stock shift. Sloppy by comparison. I can't compare the OEM against the aftermarket kits, but I love the OEM one and would always order it.

    Re: short shift

    I have the OEM short shift, and I only can say that it's awesome.
    Are you sure that GT3 can be installed this kit?

    Re: short shift

    What year is your Gt3? My '05's stock shifter felt perfect. I installed a B&M on my Gt2 with the billet link and the allen screws on the so-called upgraded link worked themselves loose and left me stranded. The shifter at first felt very notchy. When I went back to the OEM link, if felt much better, less notchy with almost a gate feel.

    Try to find someone that has one installed and try it out before you buy one. I do recommend the shifter, but I truly believe that the billet link is useless an actually makes the shifter less smooth. I purchased a new OEM link and re-installed it and after a careful examination of the part, I discovered that it is literally indestructible. I don't know anyone that had broken an OEM link. In fact, when I bought it I asked the parts manager if he has a lot of orders for this part and he told me that he very rarely, if ever, orders them. Believe it or not in some cases you can't improve on the Porsche OEM part, I think this may be one of those cases.

    Re: short shift

    Note that the OEM SSK is made by B&M for Porsche - so buying B&M is a great deal - you get the same exact unit, in a different color, for less money.

    Best mod you can do to your car for the money - agree it's tight when cold, but warms up nicely to a wonderfully positive shifter.



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