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    2005 Porsche Carrera S: First-quarter update

    2005 Porsche Carrera S: First-quarter update
    Published Date: 9/19/05
    AS-TESTED PRICE: $90,555
    MILES DRIVEN: 8423
    FUEL MILEAGE: 19.3 mpg
    FUEL COST: $1,073.16
    MAINTENANCE THIS QUARTER: Replace tire ($525.24); repair exhaust (warranty)

    The Porsche bestows itsbounty upon those who wait. And boy, did we have to wait.

    Taking every precaution to ensure we'd maximize enjoyment of our long-term Porsche 911 Carrera S over the next year, we played by the rules and kept revs under 4200 for the car's first 2000 miles in our stables. Never have we experienced more acute automotive torture than during those first two weeks.

    The moment the clock tripped to 2000.1, however, all bets were off. The pedal hit the floor so fast we haven't yet come down from that initial adrenaline high.

    "This is one of the few cars in existence-maybe the only car-that causes me to gush like some kind of total slapmo dork," explained our resident slapmo dork, "so please excuse me." Then again, anyone who logs time behind the wheel immediately turns slapmo, so all is, of course, forgiven. The Porsche
    is simply a driver's dream.

    "There's so much grip available it is at times downright disturbing," commented one staffer. "Really, it's scary how good this car is. It is so easily controlled, even in the wet, that talk of old 911s as evil, bite-you-at-the-slightest-bobble seems like a strange concept. Who ever would have thought?"

    We did encounter a couple of minor problems in the 911's first three months. A punctured rear tire quickly deflated one editor's weekend plans, but $525.24 and a few days later, the black beauty was back on the road (it only spent one night at the dealer).

    Just when we thought it was impossible to feel embarrassed driving a Porsche, a valve in one of the mufflers (it's there to allow variable back-pressure) broke, causing every cold start to sound like a mechanical goat getting koshered. The clamorous bleating dissipated once the car warmed up, but those first few minutes in such a flatulent car caused many staffers to pull their baseball caps down low.

    Alas, the thought of just nine more months of playtime with our Porsche has made many around the office feel prematurely forlorn-but it also ensures we'll exploit every last moment of our time together.

    Re: 2005 Porsche Carrera S: First-quarter update

    I can't take this waiting!

    Re: 2005 Porsche Carrera S: First-quarter update

    What valve in the muffler are they speaking about? Is that part of PSE or do we all have them?



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