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    Colin McRae tribute thread

    This is in response to McRae's death back in September. I know we have another topic about McRae but it was more reporting what had happened at the time and mourning his death after. Again, this is a tribute to one of my personal heroes.

    Lastnight I was reading the latest issue of Car Magazine, which I immediately went to the Colin McRae piece written by Mark Walton. The things that Walton wrote about is the samething everyone else who has met the superstar driver. Calm, collected, family oriented, honest, and downright good natured person to name a few. Other words like commited, hard working, and persistent were other themes. Be sure to check out the newest issue.

    I started recalling another piece that I read. The writer mentioned that Colin McRae would be seen in grassroots motorsports events but blending in with the rest of the people as if you didn't know him you would have never guessed he was a multiple WRC winning driver. So he possesses an awesome personality and strong character, which every person who knew him or met on several occasions have stated. Skilled in multiple disciplines: motorcycles, dirbikes, roadcars, you name it. I want to applaud the life of Colin McRae.

    Here are several thing I found:

    -Prodrive Racing: 550 Maranello onboard
    -Eddie Jordan on McRae's driving skills
    -Tribute video: excellent editing
    -I believe a Top Gear episode
    -Colin shows off his cars
    -Another tribute video
    -Colin McRae at Goodwood 2007
    -Colin McRae at X-Games 2006
    -Short interview with Subiesport Magazine
    -Colin McRae wiki

    Re: Colin McRae tribute thread

    Appreciate your idea! McRae is surely one of the characterful and entertaining persons in racing history. He deserves recognition for his achievements, and you just did that!

    Re: Colin McRae tribute thread

    Modrocket_stereo said:
    Onboard @ St. Wendel 2002 My hear skipped a beat at 3min 12sec

    That's the one I just wanted to add. Vivid soundscape, should give a good impression of rally driving!

    Re: Colin McRae tribute thread

    Very nice videos, thank you for sharing.

    Re: Colin McRae tribute thread

    I am glad you enjoyed them. I like the in-car interview videos a lot.

    Re: Colin McRae tribute thread's review on Duke Video's Colin McRae DVD here

    Re: Colin McRae tribute thread

    I met Colin at the Goodwood FOS ball this year and although a God in my eyes was incredibly accesible and friendly (even though he was probably not wearing underpants under the kilt.....:)). Had a few minute chat with him.
    Incredible loss.



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