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    Turbo vs Turbo "S"

    The Turbo "S" seems to be rated much better than the standard Turbo, and has even been compared to the F430 in terms of performance.

    If the "S" really is that much better, how would it perform against the stock Turbo if they were side by side on the track? Would it smoke the Turbo, and is it really worth thousands more (used)?

    Re: Turbo vs Turbo "S"

    As RC has said before, you can easily find 30 hp cheaper on the market but this is OEM and comes with the warranty.
    The turbo power upgrade works mostly in the low to mid range so better acceleration out of corners in lower gears, I think you would certainly achieve a better track times with it for sure.
    The Carrera power upgrade mostly adds power to the upper rev band, above 6,000 rpm!!! So even more effective on the track and much less on the road.

    Re: Turbo vs Turbo "S"

    Haven't seen N-ring time for a 996TTS, which may have a motor punching out a few extra hp than earlier MY X-50s (better component tolerances of late-model cycle motors), PCCB 2.0, and availability of X-74 suspension and LSD for 996TTS in ROW. Perhaps P purposely avoids having a publicized N-ring time for such a 996TTS w/X74 and LSD so that, 12-18 mos. from now, people will be quoting the N-ring time of 997TTS vs that ancient ?'01 996TT time After all, it's hard to justify a large price increase from a marketing perspective without being able to cite a large N-ring performance gap.....

    Re: Turbo vs Turbo "S"

    I am always cautious when it comes to performance claims but all people at or close to Porsche I have spoken to so far indicate that the late x50 engines are all very healthy.
    In addition, there is no need for Porsche to reserve the "special" ones for press and "friends" since they all want to drive the 997

    All in all, I see the TTS not as a performance icon above the normal TT but rather as a financially attractive opportunity to get a loaded "bullet proof" TT at the end of its life cycle.

    OB (mine is due to arrive in March )

    Re: Turbo vs Turbo "S"

    my previous tt was std and my present one is the X50 and i feel it was worth all of the extra Pounds8000.00 i had to fork out.It has a much better punch in all the gears.

    Re: Turbo vs Turbo "S"

    VKSF said:... and availability of X-74 suspension...

    It's X73 for the Turbo.



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