RC said:
HELL: if I buy a car for almost half a million and it is too low to enter my garage, I would certainly put another 50000 bucks into lowering my garage if I really want to drive it.

Great, I could lower my garage right into my master bath which is on the 2nd floor (directly below the garage) of my three story mountain side house (garage on top floor - street level). Why didn't I think of that?

Let's not get into the performance/$ arguments. Not only are they stupid, but the Vette guys get to make it against our Pcars. The Pcar driving experience falls as far below the equivalent Fcar one as the Vette does below the Pcar. IE: Performance about the same for 1/2 or more less $. So what? Incidentally, I've got as many Pcars as you do RC so knock it off.