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    Audi Steppen Wolf

    Several years ago, Audi had a concept vehicle, CUV, called the Steppen Wolf. It looked very nice. I did a search but no luck...

    Does anyone know if that vehicle will be produced?

    Re: Audi Steppen Wolf

    SVNSVN said:
    It looked very nice.

    Hi Richard Are you looking for a companion for your "Baby"

    Re: Audi Steppen Wolf

    Hi Richard,

    the "Steppenwolf" concept was initially intended to expand the A3 branch with another, additional concept. There have been several rumours whether this car will be developed or not. It implied some styling cues that were later used in the current A3 and A3 Sportback models.

    I am not up to date with Audi's future production but I wouldn't be surprised to see this concept appear in production. Let me check back if I find any further information about it...

    Re: Audi Steppen Wolf

    That concept was prior to the Allroad... which was what Audi decided to go with at the time. I would doubt they will ever do anything with that... which is too bad, that concept had some really neat ideas in it. You may want to keep an eye on VW for a 2 door cross-over... they have one on their horizon.

    Re: Audi Steppen Wolf

    Thanks a lot, Ron! I likey a if they would only build it. Love the top- would be sweet for CA.

    Yeah, P-J, looking for a suitable stable mate for the "baby." It must be sporty, with utility, room enough for 4- 5, and comfy to drive. And of course, must look nice too. Prost!

    Thanks, Ferdie! That would be great. What do you think of the Q7?

    Ludikrisspeed, I agree. And thanks for the heads up!

    Re: Audi Steppen Wolf

    SVNSVN said:
    Several years ago, Audi had a concept vehicle, CUV, called the Steppen Wolf. It looked very nice. I did a search but no luck...

    Does anyone know if that vehicle will be produced?

    Rumours say, Audi Audi will at least introduce an A3-based SUV (In 2009 or 2010), a brother of the Tiguan, if you like to say so. It will be the 3rd Audi-SUV beside the Q7 and the A4-based Q5, which will be introduced next year. But I doubt it will look like the Steppenwolf.


    Re: Audi Steppen Wolf

    Thanks! If true, that's too bad.



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