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    Got a go in another C4s, a manual (Vs tip) BIS

    I deleted the thread ans started a new one because of the pics. Sorry

    Ok, I'm very lucky. I know.

    The good thing is that I can make a nice comparaison between tip and manual, as both cars were 997c4s.

    I said that tip works fine and I maintain my earlier comments. It's still a 911. The tiptronic is fast. Actually, there's no delay at all between the time you press the accelerator and the time the car moves. It was not the case with the with the touareg or the audi A6 allroad. Actually, it was not the case with the DSG either. You still have to wait a second before you go. I don't know if it's because all these cars had diesel engine, but the fact of the matter is, the tip from porsche is the best automatic I've driven so far. By far.

    The tip makes the 997 an easy car to drive. It's a delight. But I realized something after driving the manual. When you're at a red light, put the pedal to the medal and the wheels won't spin on the tip. It's like the car knows how much power it can deliver before loosing the grip. It never send too much power. So you always do the best start possible, whether you're on dry tarmac or on wet roads. Except if built the revs by keeping your left foot on the break. Obviously.

    With the manual, you're on your own. You have to dose the power yourself. If you go to far, you'll spin in no time. And that's what happened to me today. The road was wet, but I was only at 55km/h. I turned left, had some gas and ... I lost the back end. Now I know the theory, what you're supposed to do and not do. But theory is one thing, applying it is another. With no experience, I tryed to steer the other way and I didn't hit the breaks. What I did though was release the gas pedal. It made some weird effect. Probably just like breaking. Anyway, I was at 50km/h and nothing happened. Except that I forgot about the clutch and stalled the engine. So I was in the middle of the road, with my @ss standing out, and the engine turned off. I was more ashamed than scared. I was far from being in trouble but looked like a fool.

    Anyway, the manual gives you so much more control over the car. You can mistakes you won't do in a tip, but you're way more involved in the driving. It's a lot more rewarding than the tip. The tip does a lot for you. Too much I shall had. It's still a very good car and in rookies hand, I have no doubt that the tip will be faster. You can't screw up a start et the red light by adding to much power, and the gear changes are so fast that I'm not surprised teh turbo is faster with the automatic transmission.

    I loved both. I'd get the manual even though it means I'd need to be more carefull. a porsche driving course would be be very useful to me. I'd learn how to react, because I clearly have no idea.

    BTW, the manual had the sports exhaust. It's a big plus. You don't ave to roll down the window to hear it sing. Even though I still do.

    Here are the pics. Bad pics with my cell phone. I can't wait to try a 997c2s and a 997 turbo. I'll probably crash and burn alive in it.

    Re: Got a go in another C4s, a manual (Vs tip) BIS


    Re: Got a go in another C4s, a manual (Vs tip) BIS


    Re: Got a go in another C4s, a manual (Vs tip) BIS


    Re: Got a go in another C4s, a manual (Vs tip) BIS


    Re: Got a go in another C4s, a manual (Vs tip) BIS


    I'm sorry for your comments but to remove the pic I had to ask Ron to delete the all thread. Your posts got deleted with it.

    You're welcome to post again.

    Re: Got a go in another C4s, a manual (Vs tip) BIS

    Why don't I have a job like this is all I can say

    I love reading your "rookie" comments on the cars you drive, keep'em coming



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