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    buying a 996, have a few newbie questions


    Does anyone know if the 1999 C4 Cab is faster than the C2? I have looked around and it seems in some places that the C4 Cab is... and other advantages/disadvantage to a c4 versus a c2?

    Also, a 90,000 mile c4 cab is a little scary to me with all the talk about RMS and intermediate shaft bolt problems, any advice on this would be great, and are warrantees available for a 996 with so many mile?

    Re: buying a 996, have a few newbie questions

    Chances are that with the miles you have and if the intermediate shaft has not failed up to now, it's unlikely it will fail in the furure. They typically failed with lower mileage and on a small percentage of early series 996's. With respect to RMS, it probably already failed and has been fixed, so if your car is not leaking, don't worry. Basically, as long as your price was "right" and the car has been properly maintained, you should be OK

    Re: buying a 996, have a few newbie questions

    Thanks! I used to have an '87 Carrera, it of course was a much different animal, and it's rear main seal leaked a little which didn't really bother me.
    It makes sense that if this car isn't leaking, it was fixed, but doesn't fixing it mean a new motor? I had heard that in terms of repair time, etc., it was just as well to go ahead and replace the motor. Anyway, I'm always a lot more nervous before I buy the car than after I get it.
    I am just hoping to avoid one that is ready to go.

    If anyone has any thoughts on C4 vs. C2 cab speed, I'd love to hear. My assumption always was that they were the same, but Ive seen stats that say the C4 cab is quicker, and wondered why.

    Re: buying a 996, have a few newbie questions

    The RMS repair is a "seal" replacement. The factory would only recommend an engine replacement after the 3rd. seal replacement. This meant the crankcase was suffieciently out of spec....this was a rare occurence; though RMS replacements were common place.
    With respect to performance, I would think it's a wash. In some conditions the C4 would have a traction advantage, but in optimal dry conditions the C4 is a tad slower due to additional drive line drag. Top speed is a few mile per hour lower due to higher drag from the wider rear and wider wheels and tires. In the 997 the C4 is .1 sec slower to 60 than the C2, but the C2S and C4S have the same 0-60 times and the top speed is 3MPH slower for both the C4 and C4S.

    Re: buying a 996, have a few newbie questions

    The 996 Carrera variants all use the same bodypanels and tire sizes, except for the C4S model. The 4WD version will always be slower in acceleration, the additional weight and power transfer to the front helps in handling on these rear-engined cars. The C4 model featured the PSM (aka ESP) system right from the beginning.

    The 997 variants are differing much more, track, swaybars and tire dimensions are different for 2WD and 4WD models.

    On the 996 models, especially the convertible, the 4WD is far from necessary - on the 997 it might be influenced by drivers' preference and experience.

    Re: buying a 996, have a few newbie questions


    Make sure you get a pre-purchase inspection on the C4 cab- it will save you money if something big turns up.

    Re: buying a 996, have a few newbie questions

    great info, thanks. I found one that has already had the motor replaced, which to me seems to be great peace of mind. It's a C2, and with a new motor in it I would hope that they got the RMS right this time.
    I am now leaning toward the C2 instead of the C4... seems a better choice for a cab as you say, and also maybe fewer things to wear down/go wrong on the C2

    Re: buying a 996, have a few newbie questions

    I think you are headed in a good direction.  I'd prefer the C2 cab over the C4... it certainly will be a little lighter.  The AWD system is pretty awesome though ;) - What about a 4S cab??  Smiley



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