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    Porsche Cell Solution

    There will be a cellphone cradle available from Porsche soon for the US market that will be compatible with all Porsches back to August 2001. It will be a hands free kit that mutes the audio and sends telephone audio to the passanger side speaker. The kit will also use the cars external antenna. The phone will mount on the center console and several cradels will be available for popular cell phones. Hardware cost will be in the neighborhood of $400. No word yet on installation cost. The first units should be arriving at dealerships by the end of this month.

    Re: Porsche Cell Solution

    Here is some additional information. It comes from a technical bulletin issued for the phone. Amazingly it appears the phone will not work with PCM equipped vehicles!

    The Porsche Cell Solution is available for Cayenne, 911 and Boxster models dating back to 2001. It facilitates hands-free cell
    phone conversations with a docking unit neatly mounted on the center console. Unlike other integrated phone systems, the
    modular design of the Porsche Cell Solution does not lock users into one specific model of cell phone.
    Porsche Cell Solution Features:
    * Exchange of model-specific cradles allows change of service providers, phone upgrades or use of different phone model
    * Auto-mute feature silences the audio system during phone calls
    * External antenna hookup boosts signal strength.
    * The docking unit accommodates detachable cradles for many of the most popular cell phones
    * Customers are no longer required to purchase cell phones or services for both mobile and personal use
    * Customers are no longer required to use a single mobile phone provider
    * New model-specific cradles will be introduced every quarter to match a growing list of new cell phones
    * Hands-free operation is managed using an integrated microphone on the system 's center console docking unit - incoming
    reception is routed through the passenger-side speaker and automatically mutes audio system playback
    The Porsche Cell Solution requires a dealer-installed phone prep kit that integrates with the analog audio system or the fiber
    optic digital bus featured on all new Porsche models. This system is not available for vehicles fitted with the Porsche Communication
    Management System.

    Re: Porsche Cell Solution


    My dealer told me this morning that "they" are being told that the prep kit is the only thing not for PCMII cars, and that the solution itself will work with it.

    Re: Porsche Cell Solution

    I saw my dealer this evening and he has seen the same documents we have seen but still thinks it will work with PCM. His intrepretation of one of those footnotes is that it will not work with PCM software version 2. You would have to upgrade to ver. 3. He has seen some other document that says the cell phone solution is compatible with ALL 2005 Porsches (no footnotes). He thinks the confusion comes from poor translation.

    Re: Porsche Cell Solution

    Maybe Porsche got their act together for 2005 and made a hardware change to the PCM2 so that it supports this function.

    Re: Porsche Cell Solution

    Maybe, but I don't think so. As far as I know, PCM II hardware goes unchanged to MY 2005.

    Re: Porsche Cell Solution

    but it is adding dvd navigation support? How does that measure up? I would think the PCM would have to change to a new software update or possibly some other method. Once those come out we need those Nav TV guys to get the dvd player working on it so we can watch movies when we are parked or in traffic. Kicks Los Angles Traffic.



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