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    New C4 with 245 miles...

    Buying a new C4 Coupe and car has 245 miles from a combination of test drives and someone at the dealership driving it for a bit. I was wondering if this is normal for a "new" porsche and could the engine be affected later on from a rough break in through road tests. Should there be any price concession on this car. Should I pass on the car. Any thoughts?

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    if you can get like 15-20k off that demonstrator, then i think it's a good deal. I had an opportunity to buy one myself but i was running a bit low on cash during my visit to the dealer. So i had to pass ><
    anyways, the car should be close to a new car. Demo usually comes fully equiped.

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    IMO, for a Porsche it's not "new" unless it has fewer than 50 miles on it (preferably fewer than 20).

    For another car, especially a "new" GM or Ford a couple hundred miles is "normal."

    Why the difference?

    Porsche buyers "Expect Excellence."

    I don't want a hi-perf car, with a NON-BROKEN IN ENGINE which some sales guy abused while trying to sell it to a prospective buyer. They should use a used (broken in) car for showing off the car and impressing the hesitant buyer.

    BTW, AFAIK, the first _200_ mile are supposedly _THE_ most important miles of your break in. That is the interval when the piston rings break in. You should be shifting gears (varying RPMs) almost constantly during that period.

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    I agree with MMD however, if you are short of a few dollars and don't want to keep the car for more than 2 years or so, then its a bargain. My friend bought a demo car - it had 8,000 miles on it! Yes, 8,000. He drove it for another 24,000 and only lost about $5,000 on it. The funny thing was the demo was used as a loan car as well - hence the high mileage - I had it for a 2 week period where I literally drove it like I stole it! Everything you shouldn't do I did! But the car was fine for the whole period he had it. Either way, it will be under warranty....

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    Mine had 75 miles on it and I didn't even think twice about it. However I did get almost 8,000 off MSRP, but it wasn't based on the fact that it had some mileage on it. I think it is unlikely they will discount it 15-20k. I believe by law, it is still considered to be a new car, even with 245 mi on it. However, I would definately try to bargin with them on this basis. Good Luck!

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    the demo at my dealer was fully equipped and the price was around 15k off msrp. I think the demo car had around 300 miles on it.

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    Pro2, in Montreal there are two dealers, one in Laval and one in Dorval. If the car is from the Laval dealer there is little worry that they abused the car. They are very respectful and the miles may have been associated with someone else that was intending to purchase the car. The Laval dealership will give you a discount to make it worth your while as well.

    If on the other hand, the car was at the Dorval dealership, I would not consider it. This is my opinion from prior experience.

    If you do decide to purchase the car, make sure on the delivery paperwork it clearly states the km's on the clock. Also have them show you the engine logs to make sure there are no 'over-revs' logged.

    These cars are very robust and if there was no obvious abuse, are as new at 10km as at 300km.

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    I'm pretty sure that the warranty started ticking when they started driving the car.

    If you do get it, get a good discount.

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    seattle_sun said:
    I'm pretty sure that the warranty started ticking when they started driving the car.

    If you do get it, get a good discount.

    Yes and no.

    If the vehicle was placed into demo service with PCA then the warranty would be ticking but if the car was a new car in stock that got used for a weekends worth of demos the warranty time will not be affected but obviously any miles placed on the car will go against the 50,000 miles of warranty coverage. The time won't start ticking off until the car is either retailed or officially placed into demo service with PCA.

    Many manufacturers will add miles and time to (i.e. 5,000 miles/3 months) to vehicles officially placed into dealer demo service with the manufacturer.

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    We're talking 200 miles here, if you can get it at a good price, go for it!

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    Buying the car for a reasonable discount is very attractive. Confirm with the dealer when the warranty starts for you, how many of YOUR miles does the warranty include, and for how many months/years.

    Also, I recall an unrelated thread sometime back in which someone went from 5th gear to 2nd gear accidentally. It seemed Porsche was able to detect via the onboard computer how high and how often the car was revved. Can the dealer in this instance run the same test for you to show if this car has been pushed beyond 4000rpm (break in rpm) or redlined? Such empirical data may be useful in your decision.

    Hey, look at that! My 100th post!

    Re: New C4 with 245 miles...

    Thank you guys for all the helpful input. I will take the car and try to have the dealer run the engine diagnostics before to check for over-revving. Hopefully what I find will not make me regret checking it out.



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