Before anything happened to my top, I did notice after a few months or folding and unfolding that creases and loose threadheads (not pronouced but upon closer examination 5-6 pixels or dots) formed. Is that normal for any canvas top? Folding for sure but threadheads?

Hence, I did notice some wearing to the top even though it is garaged. For e.g., I do notice crinkles and some (only a few threads) MOHeads forming (like threads turning into a small dot running loose) or very very microscopic tiny threadheads forming, is this normal for any new top? I just have been using retractable hard tops and coupes for so long that I have forgotten how nice a classic softtop can look but do feel a bit of regrets now that I have to replace this ragtop. I am considering to actually trade my car in for a CAYMAN S now because it has less hassle to deal. There are also some minor fraying... anyone have 5 or 6 threadheads or DOTS running loose on their new tops?

Guys, it's a bit early to replace a 4-month old top but I need some advices. Will retrofitting a set of new tops raise any concern? Noises? Leakage? Since they are not originally FINLAND installed but locally installed in HK. Plus I bet they have no part. In any case, I hate putting on a metal roof on a boxster s that's so new because I personally DO NOT PREFER MY ROADSTER pretending to be lik a CAYMAN.