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    Re: Tesla


    Plaid is $90 k in the US. Nothing can touch it at twice the price. Plus it has features (dozens of them) which no other brand even offers. Still goes for just a penny a mile when charging at home. Insurance is really cheap too because it can’t be stolen and is very safe. 
    I always laugh when people complain about brakes. In actual real world driving a tesla never uses the brakes. One pedal driving is much superior to brakes.  The S has much stronger regen capacity than my model 3. 
    It would take the fastest bike to beat a 9 second quarter mile time at 153 mph +.  Lol 

    While a plaid model3 would be nice I doubt it will happen. The current performance model 3 is already perfectly quick. 

    All that remains for the competition are the people who like all the buttons and switches and think this is quality design.  

    I would not want to own any ICE car company stock.  
    please list one car that had as many features as a Tesla regardless of the price. Look at performance, safety and economy.  Where is the value in the others?  The noise they make?  Okay. 
    Not to mention the included autopilot or the FSD ( which was just lowered from $15k to $12k. )

    interesting times.  Maybe some are starting to see the FUD and BS in social media (this site included). Certainly more value coming from Tesla than any other company selling cars. 


    Surely you are the one spreading the Tesla FUD to others. Smiley

    Your Tesla has 'features' that YOU like. Doesn't mean everyone else like them. You like your 'Autopilot' cruise control over a nicer interior, I much prefer money being spent on a nicer interior instead of useless fluff, I don't use cruise control in the first place. 

    You like spending time looking away from the road to mess with the touch screen, doesn't mean the rest of us like doing it that way, we much prefer to keep our eyes on the road and use feel to find and use buttons. Real buttons and knobs that don't move around while you driving. 

    Regen braking? Cool, nice you discovered that 'feature', I have had it since 2014 when I took delivery of my 918. Did you know my old Audi e-Tron had more regen braking capacity than any Tesla? And that car is ranked one of the lowest among non-Tesla in that capacity, at 45kW. A Taycan can goes up to 290kW of regen braking, that's more than 6 times more powerful. A Tesla simply cannot handle that amount of current going back the other way because of how it is designed. 

    Your Tesla has a higher on paper range than a Taycan, but I don't think I have seen one magazine or one site that does real world testing of range can match whatever number Tesla claimed and put the Taycan on par with what a Tesla can do range wise, and the Taycan recharges much faster than a Tesla during charging stops, only car that can recharge fastest are the Hyundai Ionic 5/KIA EV6 combo. 

    All your Tesla FUD myths have bene completely debunked a long time ago by 3rd parties. 






    Re: Tesla

    Lol. I was wrong. The S plaid is now only $85 k. Game over. 
    love how you repeat all your complaints so consistently.  I prefer common sense.  

    Re: Tesla

    Why isn’t the Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y popular with European taxi drivers? Smiley

    On a recent trip to Barcelona we noticed local drivers much prefer a hybrid - particularly the Toyota Prius hybrid…  C7BEAB03-A272-4B0C-AF73-D01AEAA5AA36.gif


    Similarly, in the UK, local airport taxis seem to be mostly hybrid petrol engined… not a Tesla on the fleet! Smiley

    I suppose with the high mileage of taxi drivers, the learning curve is very steep. Is it reliable? Does the charging infrastructure work? Is the interior durable? How long each day do you waste waiting to charge your taxi?

    So while EIon’s dream was to have a fleet of 1 million “robo-taxis” - the reality seems to be that TesIa is not that popular with professional taxi drivers!?! Smiley

    Re: Tesla

    Waiting for some Tesla nonsense comeback excuses.........






    Re: Tesla

    3... 2... 1...

    Re: Tesla

    You guys are funny. Clearly I don’t spend more than a minute or so each month here. Enjoy. 
    my favorite is the insistence that 230 miles in a Taycan is better than 400 miles in a Tesla because it exceeds its stated range.  Here is my analogy - date the 300 phone girl because she claims she is 340 but is really much slimmer than that so skip the 100 pound supermodel because she is actually 105. 

    taxi driver’s choices based on recent trips to Barcelona.  You want me to address this and you announce ahead of time that a reply to this fine metric must be nonsense. Hmmm. Maybe think about that. so the model Y is not selling well in Europe?  Hmmm. 

    Re: Tesla

    How much is Tesla paying you to hawk its crap here?

    Re: Tesla

    Just like clockwork! 


    You know, the range thing wasn't me inventing something out of thin air like how Elon does things.

    It's been proven time and time again by different publications and reviews on actual real world range. Take your own pick, C&D, R&T, Consumer Report, That Bjorn dude on Youtube, TFL on Youtube. Who else, WSJ did a feature on it also. 

    I have had 2 Taycans, and I rented a Model Y in Vegas for a week, and I also see the same actual DRIVEN mileage for a full charge. When full the Taycan gave me more or less a real actual range I can drive which I can actually match, while the Tesla was WILDLY optimistic on its prediction, like 50% extra. Claims I can go 400 miles but it only return 260 miles before touching 10%. And some how I don't think 10% charge on the Tesla can go 140 miles. 




    Re: Tesla

    Wanna see your beloved Tesla get beaten out in the real world on range by a lowly Chevy Bolt? smiley




    Re: Tesla

    Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 6.40.58 AM.png

    Re: Tesla

    waiting for PDK:

    Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 6.40.58 AM.png

    That looks like a Tesla Model X at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands operated by BIOS Group -- apparently there was a related lawsuit in 2020...   BF822CAF-50E5-4C47-9B23-F36F9B8F5A9C.gif

    "Tesla in taxi trouble in Holland"

    (9 December 2020)

    The Dutch cab company Bios-Groep that uses around 70 Tesla cabs at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has now had enough of the electric car manufacturer’s persistent technical defects and poor service. The company is going to court and is demanding 1.3 million euros in damages from Tesla.

    It seems that the taxi company is so unhappy with their Tesla’s that they simply want to recoup their losses at this point – five new Audi e-tron have already been ordered. Bios has presented themselves as reconciliatory and accepted a trade of Model X for their Model S fleet, but also noted that “they could be found more often in the workshop than on the road.” So much for Tesla’s popularity in Holland.


    Re: Tesla

    This board really hates Tesla.  It's been amusing for years to watch the piling on and I think I figured out why--they'll* win.

    Why the bile?  Because it's a crappy car?  Maybe, but there's no board with 2,300 posts slamming Dihatsus.  Because of the financial shenanigans?  Sure, but the Porsches weren't above share manipulation and the VW golden share is hardly free market friendly.  Because Elon Musk is a giant tool?  Definitely, but there's no Kardashian updates here. [Trigger warning--He is a giant tool and I won't buy a Tesla as long as he's involved.]

    Porsche just lost their EU trademark request to make their electric motors sound like internal combustion.  

    What is a luxury car?  Quiet effortless speed?  That sounds like an electric motor.  The latest technology?  Not Bentley's strong suit.  Nicer quilted leather seats?  A win there for Mercedes but that's a tough price to justify for German engineering.  With restricted speed limits, the demonization of driving for fun and demographic shifts, the car becomes an appliance, but rechargeable and with software upgrades, both of which favor US or Korean firms.

    "The last car ever made will be a sports car."  That's looking less likely and it probably won't be an electric Boxster.  I think we're blaming Tesla for that.


    *Maybe not Tesla per se, but the kind of car that makes you smile getting in is going away.

    Re: Tesla

    Haha, cause Dihatsu don't have trolls trolling other brand's message boards

    I lived with one for a whole week in Vegas, and also own and drove many others EVs, had a rental Polestar for 2 months, had a rental EV6 in LA for a week, owned a e-Tron, Taycan 4S, Taycan CT 4S, a Mach E Premium and a Mach E GT, the Lightning.  Actually contemplating buying another EV right now.

    Tesla used to be the only game in town, if one wants an EV one don't have a choice. But now there are MANY choices now. 

    About the only thing Tesla still trumps others is their charging network, it just works. Range? Not even factor anymore for all modern EVs, they all can go long enough between charges, especially for people commuting. 

    With all these other competition around, Tesla's deficiency are glaring and magnified. Fit and finish is one, material usage is another. The car simply isn't worth what Elon is charging them for. A Corolla has a better interior than a 100k Model S. 

    Ergonomics is also bad inside a Tesla. But at least they have an excuse for being a new comer, so they don't really have a clue yet, see the early 911s, they are an ergonomic nightmare with zero logical placement of switches, but now the 991, 992 have perfected that.

    I never said I would never buy a Tesla, but I needed to find value in my purchase, and right now, the value side simply doesn't exists. If I am paying for a 100k car, I expect to see fit and finish and interior material matching the 100k mark. Same with a 80k price point or even a 50k price point. 

    They also need a serious revamp of that whole touchscreen thingy, until they do, I am not buying such a dangerous car. Every function I need is hiding under menus after menus, and takes a lot of attention away from looking at the road ahead to use. And when I tried doing it the Tesla way, aka let the car drive itself so I can concentrate on the touchscreen, the car almost killed me. 

    The comparable would be Ford's touchscreen in their EVs, Lightning and Mach E. Those at least put regularly used stuff on 'buttons' and the knob, while the buttons are touchscreen buttons they don't move around, they stay there at all times. Ford simply have a much better user interface superior to the Tesla one from a usage point of view. 







    Re: Tesla


    Haha, cause Dihatsu don't have trolls trolling other brand's message boards

    This is the issue, if Dihatsu had fan boys claiming here on a sports car forum that Dihatsus were the best thing since sliced bread and getting triggered at every comment or opinion that does not favor Dihatsus then we would also have a long thread on Dihatsu. We are going to push back on the Dihatsu cool aid, that doesn't mean we absolutely hate Dihatsu. But this doesn't happen with Dihatsu or any other brand, except Tesla and some of their customers, not all, just some.

    Re: Tesla

    Well, there was that one poster trying to convince everyone that a Toyota RAV4 was the greatest of all time.   He no longer posts here.  

    Re: Tesla

    Hedgeye: “Steer Clear of Adam Jonas’ Tesla Pump $TSLA”

    (11 September 2023)


    If Elon Musk is the master sensei at selling stock, gullible investors are the young grasshoppers, leaping headfirst into the latest narrative. This week, it’s “Dojo” that has Tesla’s (TSLA) stock price surging.  

    Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas upgraded TSLA this morning and claims the automaker’s implementation of AI could add $600 billion in market cap. The upgrade pushed Tesla near the top of Keith McCullough’s Risk Ranges in the pre-market Monday. 

    “You very well may get a Real-Time Alert to short Tesla,” explains Hedgeye’s CEO in this clip from The Macro Show. “I’ve been waiting for this. Not for Jonas – who seriously wakes up for Adam Jonas to tell them about AI? Just people who need to.” 

    Jonas’ upgrade of Tesla serves many masters, generating buzz for Tesla’s business and his own. 

    “Morgan Stanley bankers need to get paid. We’re coming off a 10-year low for banking,” McCullough adds. “You’ve got David Solomon, who gets paid for an hourlong spot to pump Goldman’s business (on a CNBC interview). These guys are gonna pump. They’re pumping Arm IPO, Klayvio software IPO, trying to get Tesla up. This, to me, is very predictable. They just want and need their bubbles back, and there’s no other option.

    “There’s nothing else for Adam Jonas to do than pump Tesla,” says McCullough. “There’s no other thing that he does that is of relevance.” 

    See video/audio clip at below link.  


    Re: Tesla

    I do not hate Tesla at all, on the contrary. I think that they have interesting products, I think they are cheaper than the competition (in comparison to what they offer), I think that their software is still around two years ahead of the competition (it was around 5 years at some point), I think that the quality is much better than many "haters" suggest (I know a couple of people who own a Tesla and NONE of them had any serious issues with their cars) and I think that Tesla could be even more successful if they can keep the prices low and the products interesting enough. Although I think that Musk with his weird political aspirations and behavior could actually create more hate for Tesla and this doesn't necessarily mean they make bad products. 

    I know that some people are blaming Tesla for the EV (r)evolution and faster acceptance of EVs but to be honest, I would rather blame Volkswagen for that because of their fraudulent emissions story.

    Fact is: Tesla has some very competitive products and I get the feeling that the Europeans won't be able to keep up with Tesla's prices and performance/value ratio.


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Lamborghini Huracan Performante (2019), BMW Z4 M40i (2022), Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (2019 EU)

    Re: Tesla


    Tesla has a really high price to straight line acceleration ratio. 

    Different people have different standard for 'performance'. 

    And others more have a different metric on how they value cars. Those who buy Rolls Royces think the car is worth every penny they spent on the car even when RRs can't do corner well, nor do they accelerate especially fast nor have exceptional top speed. 





    Re: Tesla

    We are starting to see many Tesla 3 as taxi in Spain in fact.

    Re: Tesla

    TesIa top ranked for depreciation… Smiley


    Re: Tesla

    Slashing the price of new product does little good for the resale values of used product.  



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