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    Black 996 Turbo

    Just took some pictures of a beautiful black Turbo with black painted wheel crests, red interior stitching and red gauges. This car looks absolutely great in reality. Enjoy.

    Re: Black 996 Turbo

    Hey RC....could trouble you for larger side view pic of this car? The black wheels have me thinking....

    Very nice!

    RJM, a great looking car! I saw we have a very similar sports car history. And I'm also #1 on my dealer's list for a TT Cab

    Re: Very nice!

    you guys have beautiful cars. here in Singapore, the 996TT brand new cost about US$400,000. What a pity.
    I currently own a beautiful 930 turbo which has been converted to the Ruf BTR pushing out 410 rwhp at 0.9 bar of boost pressure. However it's still not what I've always wanted, the 996 GT2. The ultimate driving machine.

    Great minds think alike!

    Thanks for the kind words, CR. I've received more than a few tempting, unsolicited offers for the 850 but still can't let it go! It is my baby! There are some pics of it here .

    What year was your 850? Did you have many problems with it?


    Re: Black 996 Turbo

    I love the Exclusive Dept. these little bitty touches is what make Porsche really different from other cars. RC, you just hit the spot my friend. Devated stiching and painted wheels my absolute favorites.

    For U.S. owners if interested:

    X45 - Painted instrument dials - $860.00
    XD9 - Rims and Caps - Painted exterior color - $1,550.00
    and all Z options for devated stiching around $4,000.00

    but it's all worth it.

    I saw a Forest Green Turbo with Savahna interior and had green dev. stiches it looked UNBELIEVABLE. This option would be one of mine for sure when I order another P car again.

    RJM, check your ...

    ... private mail. You can access your PM through My Home or just click above on the clipping icon in the shape of a letter.


    Yes, Singapore is out of control. Well, you know the solution to a government that over taxes its citizens.

    On red painted dials, etc. .... some like this but personally I would rather spend the money on a faster car.


    Re: Black 996 Turbo

    It looks great Christian!!!
    Really makes a difference,
    but, doesn't this type of options delay the delivery date but 6 months or more? That's what my dealer told me when I showed him the pics.
    I suppose it's the price to pay if you want exclusivity

    BMW 850Ci

    RJM, I really loved my 850Ci, but finally I sold it a few months ago. I drove the car for nearly two years and about 120,000 km as my daily driver. I kept it another three years, but I didn't drive too much anymore.

    Concerning maintenance costs I have to admit I never drove a more expensive car than this 8 series coupe. All parts are very expensive. The tires were down every 5,000 km and the brakes had a strong demand by the weight of this super heavy sports car. Beside the never-ending story with the servo-pump there were a lot of thermic and electronic problems.

    I still think this V12 front engine coupe is one of the most beautyful cars BMW ever built, still admirable and whenever I see one driving around here in town it makes me a smile on my face and a small tear in my eye

    Singapore... *sigh*

    Just came back from Singapore... Singapore is really not a place for car nuts, first off the COE, the tax that add 2 time the base price of the car reason because the government want to control the amount of cars on the roads.

    worst yet, the roads in Singapore are terrible!!! I rented a MG and wanted to throw up driving in Singapore. People can't drive, roads are all staight and they are so tightly controlled by the government that makes it impossible drive above the speed limit. I am so glad I don't live over there

    I saw a Mucielago (orange) at Zouk two nights ago in Singapore. What for??

    Yes, but ...

    True. But attached to Singapore is Malaysia. And attached to Malaysia is Thailand. Malaysia can be a lot of fun for driving. Thailand is superb!!!

    If I were in Singapore and subject to the tax I would buy and keep the car in Malaysia (and never bring it into Singapore!). So what if I couldn't be seen driving it in Singapore?

    Oh, apart from all of the taxes, the thing that really gets to me about singapore is having the guy stick his head in your window to make sure that you have at least 3/4th of a tank of gas when you leave. So iron curtain!!


    Re: Yes, but ...

    you guys can understand what I'm going through which is why we have a lot of Porsche drive ups to Malaysia. I bought my old turbo for US$70,000. Now this is a mid 80's 930 turbo. Can you imagine.

    Good idea

    you can also rented a license plate daily if you want to drive in Singapore, similar to the T license plate in Hong Kong.

    In any case, I totally agree Malaysia is a much better place to drive than Singapore, not to mention the F! race track is there.

    One problem tho, Since Malaysia and Singapore have such a terrible relationship after the 'water thing' I don't think it is wise to drive such a flashy car over there if you are a Singaporean.

    Re: Yes, but ...

    I thought old cars needed to be chopped off.... you can't keep the car for more than 10 years.

    Should I paint my wheels?

    I was thinking about painting it black or Slate Gray? Any opinon?

    Re: Good idea

    Are you talking about the tax for entering the central region?

    No, it is stricter than that. If you are a Singaporian and you drive a Malaysian registered car in Singapore then it is a big offence. Even Malaysians are restricted on how often they can enter Singapore (I think).

    I have brought cars rented in Malaysia into Singapore before without problem but I am obviously not a Singaporian.

    That's why you have to accept that you will never try to bring the car in.

    I think having Malaysian plates in Malaysia is one of the big advantages. You don't look like a Singaporian (well at least until you get out of the car and start to speak!).

    On driving, Thailand is really fabulous. Taking a Malay car into Thailand is relatively easy as long as it is for a short period of time.


    Paint adds to the unsprung weight of the wheels :)

    Re: Should I paint my wheels?

    Done....on hollows for the turbo....worked out OK.... actually I just toned em down a couple notches (did not like light/bright silver)....still looking for other wheels that would look better.....GreggT

    looks great, nice combo


    "well at least until you get out of the car and start to speak"

    good one

    Tell me more about thailand, Are the roads nice? No police?? Good track? I really want to take a road trip to Thailand. But the thing is, can you actually buy a high performance car in K.L. or other big malaysia city? As a Hong Kong citizen driving in Thailand, i am abit nevous. You don't speak their language and can't read the road sign... maybe you can give me some good advise


    Are Porsche original wheels painted to silver or is just a base color?

    Any light weight paint out there?

    Yes, really?

    I was just joking around William.

    Yes, adding anything to the wheels will increase unsprung weight but how much weight can there be in dry paint?

    But then again, isn't it something like two tons that adding paint to a B747 adds to the empty weight?



    The big problem in Thailand these days is overcrowded roads. But it is still possible to get away from it all. I have always really enjoyed the drive down to Phuket and there are some great mountain roads to the north.

    Police are an issue in Bangkok. I've been stopped a couple times. They are corrupt but I have a general policy against paying bribes. So I've had to surrender my IDP a couple times. Probably still waiting for me to pick it up somewhere.

    Outside of Bangkok there really are no rules. I've never once seen a speed trap. That's the beauty of Thailand. It really is lawless.

    It isn't the sort of place you can cruise at 250 km/h. There are few roads that are suitable for that. But some of the roads never stop winding. Driving standards are competent but agressive. The truckers will help you pass for example by indicating to you that it is clear ahead. You always have to be careful though. The old back-packer saying is never take a bus on a Thursday because the driver will be too busy watching the kick boxing to pay attention to the road. I've many a time found myself stuck in traffic three abrest on a regular two lane road with everyone jockying for position to get past. As I said, lawless but fun. You have to use caution as it is an excellent place to get yourself killed.

    Oh, and you also need to be careful of the mopeds. They're unlicensed and don't really have enough experience to understand the speed of the cars so they will sometimes cross in front of you without looking. No need for mirrors.

    Also, if you take your Turbo there you have to be careful to make sure that it doesn't end up a share-Taxi in Cambodia (picture your car with the back window removed and about 14 people in it with people sitting on the roof and sitting in the back window and sitting on the door sills ... well you get the idea).

    It is a while since I did it but taking a car over the border is pretty easy. You need to sign something in Thai promising to pay about $1M is you don't export the car again and then you are free.

    Language, road signs, etc. never seemed a big deal. If anything, inability to communicate is a form of protection. No one at a road-block will ever bother you.

    Have fun!!



    if I have a chance to take my car to Thailand, I think my first goal is to bring my car to Europe and then will defiently think about Thailand next..


    That makes sense. A nice car is much more useable in Europe. For Thailand you really don't need a high-performance car. Anything reasonably fast and stable will do. But still the driving can be a lot of fun!


    Re: Black 996 Turbo

    Of course I'm prejudice.. I like black chrome wheels.



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