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    Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    I did a little upgrade to the standard suspension by adding GT3 control arms and PSS9's. I changed the rubber to Mich PS Cup tyres. I had done a few track days and the (non Cup) M PS's got a little mothered. Also changed the brake fluid to some race spec type, and they guys corner balanced the car as well as twinking camber. The car's amazing. I drove 400km in it today (now 3,000 km on the clock). Got to watch out of the pot holes, and it's firm, but nothing to complain about.

    I had read the M PS Cups were a bit dangerous when cold, but I've driven them cold twice now (with ambient temp of 20 deg), and they felt good on the road at raod speeds, and even when I pushed them when they were cold, they still stuck well to the road (even when I was being 'silly'). Not yet tried them in the wet.

    The new setup of the car has made it feel like it's on rails. Grip levels feel like true R-spec levels.

    I don't know how many k's I'll get out of the rubber. I estimate max 600km of track time - but no clue of what mix track / street k's I'll get.

    Aesthetically looks great lowered too. Chopped 4cm off the standard height. No spoiler catches yet, just the black plastic flap sitting directly in front of front tyres catches.

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    Jay, your car is gorgeous !

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    Nice mods ! Regarding the Michelin Sport Cup, I did about 1500km with them on track. So 600km seems little, except if you're always driving at the limit... Have fun!

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    Looks great.

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    Jay said:
    Grip levels feel like true R-spec levels.

    Hopefully not a problem for the pseudo drysump (certainly depends on the layout of the tracks you use - corner speed etc.)

    Great mods, Jay I'm sure the mods will double the fun when you really push the car . Your car looks great

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    re "Hopefully not a problem for the pseudo drysump "

    - yes I'm hoping too, but there's a 30 odd Boxsters and various 911's *997/996 etc) running with R-spec and I haven't heard any drama.

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    Car looks great . PSS9's , I assume this is the damper and spring set up , is this OEM or a bilstein kit? Are the control arms a bigger unit on the GT3 or just adjustable ? I spoke with the michelin rep recently , he advised the cup tyres are not designed for wet weather use , partly due to the reduced tread depth and secondly because of the wider tread block.

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    thanks. It's Bilstein. I know the control arms add in more adjust potential, but don't know re the size. The M PS Cups are not meant to be good in the wet - I have low expectations and don't mind taking it easy. No matter how they perform, they are just so good when warm it is amazing.

    Re: Added PSS9s, GT3 control arms & M PS Cup tyres

    Jay said:
    Hopefully not a problem for the pseudo drysump

    There are plenty of modified Caymans, Boxsters, 996s and 997s running around the tracks without problems. If your driving is up to the task, worst case, you might get the oil up to the breather which will be evident by the puff of white smoke when it's ingested by the engine. If this happens, I'd suggest a sump extension to keep the oil away from the breather.



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