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    Fabspeed Cat bypass pipes

    Can anyone help me with a problem about fitting cat bypass pipes. My car is cayenne tt with 500bhp factory upgrade. The exhaust has a joint behind the secondary cat. Is this correct or should the sytem be one piece straight through?
    Also what is diameter of standard exhaust pipe as my bypass pipes seem to slim?


    Re: Fabspeed Cat bypass pipes

    Hi, they should fit on your CTT with out a problem, the only think bud about the Fabspeed bypass is that they don't have any support side brackets to keep them study so you will fill exhaust vibration under your seat. That vibration may cost the flex pipes on the first cat's to go bud. Look at the bypass pipes from Speedart. They are build as they shuld.
    I'M not promoting anybody .just given you my experience.

    Re: Fabspeed Cat bypass pipes

    Actually non of that happens, but I do doubt the effect of removing the secondary cats on a TT, reduction in back pressure alone may not be worth it. I would go for the complete catback from Fabspeed or some other tuner

    Re: Fabspeed Cat bypass pipes

    Many thanks for the info. Did wonder if the lack of brackets was an issue but figured that the only reason they were there in the first place was the weight in the cats?

    I have sent of pics and data to the company that sold them to me. The Fabspeeds are 60mm osd and the OEM pipes are 65mm, go figure?

    Re: Fabspeed Cat bypass pipes

    Hi, actually the weight of the cats is not the issue, the play- front to back- is important on exhaust ,.because when you putting your car in reveres that when the Fabspeed cats have a problem, believe me I had two sets on my CTT and without some tape of bracket the problem was always there..

    Re: Fabspeed Cat bypass pipes

    Guys, be careful with changing the exhaust/cats on a Cayenne Turbo. Since you definetely change the backpressure too, you may end up with less power, even if the car sounds "faster".

    Re: Fabspeed Cat bypass pipes

    Thanks for that info RC. I have sent them back as they dont fit and it doesnt look like they have an alternative.



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