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    question regarding DSG

    just one silly question about DSG....
    DSG allows faster shifting, results in faster acceleration....
    but is DSG faster around the track? since you can't heel-toe double clutch, rev match not to mention the weight and all that.... or does the computer somehow does it for you?

    let say if DSG is avaliable on 987. if you put them on a track (one with DSG and the other without perhaps) which would be faster?

    i did a search on google and found a page in a VW forum

    Re: question regarding DSG

    DSG is absolutely brilliant. Of course many people will always prefer a fully manual box but DSG is the closest thing you'll get that can be auto as well. Audi quote faster acceleration figures with DSG than manual and better fuel consumption figures too. Having used one for the last 2 years I believe it. A really good driver might posssibly be faster in a manual car but I think most people would be faster with DSG. It's just a pity Porsche don't do it.

    Re: question regarding DSG

    Porsche invented DSG right?

    oh, by the way, you can build your own GT3 on teh porsche site now... my brother is lucky enough have ordered one... my sales called this morning to notify me of this

    Re: question regarding DSG

    Well basically if PDK or DSG is available now, I will run to the dealer and order a new Box...

    Re: question regarding DSG

    Shouldn't that be BOX?

    I was under the impression that DSG is a VW thing not Porsche (Porsche's flappy paddle gear box is called Tiptronic I think). I have heard rumours that Porsche intend to introduce a DSG type gear box but I wasn't aware of any model with it as an option yet. Certainly it wasn't an option on the new Boxster S I've just ordered.

    Re: question regarding DSG

    nachi said:
    Porsche invented DSG right?

    oh, by the way, you can build your own GT3 on teh porsche site now... my brother is lucky enough have ordered one... my sales called this morning to notify me of this

    Yes and no...blurb from autospies...

    The twin/dual clutch gearbox was invented by Andolphe Kégresse in the late 1930s.

    Known as the "Transmission autoserve Kégresse" it was intended for the legendary Citroen Traction Avant.
    However, due to circumstances, it never made into the Traction Avant.
    After improvements it was presented at the 1947 Salon de Paris on a Citroen 11 CV.

    After more than 45 years since Andolphe Kégresse first created it, Porsche had the PDK twin-clutch put into their endurance racers. This PDK gearbox was also used by Audi in their some of their rally cars.

    Today BorgWarner is currently the leading manufacturer of this type of transmission.

    They are most commonly sold under the name Direct-Shift Gearbox, as sold by Volkswagen Group.

    Re: question regarding DSG

    wow.... thanks so much for the info!

    Re: question regarding DSG

    Yeah, me too - many thanks. Now I get it!



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