Rumors indicate that Mercedes AMG wants to present the Mercedes CL 65 AMG at the Geneva Autoshow.
This car has a bi-turbo charged V12 with 600 HP(!) and 1000 Nm(!) torque.
The CL 65 AMG is rumored to look like the CL 55 AMG, no real visible difference. The price tag is unknown yet but is rumored to be around 50000 EUR over the CL 55 AMG price tag.
Performance-wise, the CL 65 AMG will easily outrun the Porsche GT2 and other super sports cars.

Why Porsche might be in trouble? Well, if the CL 65 AMG gets 600 HP, the upcoming SLR will get substantial more power.
Rumors indicate something around 650 HP, even up to 700 HP.

The power war just has started and I'm not sure the new Carrera GT has enough HP to win it.