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    To close the C2 vs C4S thread

    Dear all,
    Had a long chat yesterday with my friend who is a race pro driver (instructor and GT category himself on a GT3R)
    Here are his analysis about the fact that the C4S was faster on the Nordschleife than the C2.
    1- it depends a lot on conditions, they were obviously different, wet, dry, wind, etc...
    2- We'll assume they were stock cars, although Christian has his doubts about the C4S.
    3- My friend didn't believe me first when I told him that the C4S did better than the C2, BS he said.
    It just doesn't make sense. The C2 is bound to have more traction, simple maths: 320hp for 2 wheeld and the C4, 320hp on 4 wheels.
    4- Then, he realized, the C4S runs on wider tracks and bigger brakes, here is the explanation!
    The wider tracks alow for better cornering stability and the bigger brakes allow Mr Rohrl to brake a bit later.
    So in truth, the weight disadvantage is compasated by the wider tracks and bigger brakes.
    But he made it clear, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!!! that the 4WD helped being faster, on the contrary, EXCEPT if that day was wet, which I doubt.
    So to conclude, with same track widths and same breaks, the C2 will ALWAYS be faster.
    YES, you got it Porsche, MAKE A C2S
    Any chance of that Christian?
    I hope this has helped.
    Take care,
    PS: Christian, some of the messages you posted are timed at 5am!!! Do you ever sleep?

    A couple of things I forgot

    This is a choice I am making now for my future car, hence the interest.
    My friend's views on open road driving are quite pessimistics.
    He basically says, with more and more cops on the roads, these days, within a few years, it just won't make any difference if you have a C2 or a Turbo, we'll all be driving like sheeps
    Only solution: the track.
    And it's the C2 that will put a bigger grin on your face in terms of pure driving skills.
    He said the C4S is mostly for show.
    I'm not too sure about what he said though about open roads.
    I hope we'll still be able to unleash our toys on nice country twisty roads, just gotta be careful
    But he's got a point, in terms of driving technique

    And he also said PSM must be made fully deconnectable


    Re: And he also said PSM must be made fully deconnectable

    I don't think that Porsche will ever make PSM in such a way that one can turn it off completely. I guess it has something to do with liability as far as I remember an interesting discussion with a guy from Porsche a long time ago.

    Regarding the C4 S: it is a fine sportscar, no doubt about it.
    But I truely have my doubts that it is faster than a 996 C2 with M030 or even X74 on the track.

    The C4 S which has been tested on the Nordschleife by SPORT AUTO had a better 0-200 kph acceleration than the 996 GT3. Now I won't comment on this anymore but I think you understand what I want to say. Or to say it with a few short words: this car was in a pretty good shape.

    Christian, any info on an eventual C2S?

    Re: Christian, any info on an eventual C2S?

    Did you consider to buy a c4s and to strip the front power train. I've heard that on the TT it's possible, so I don't think it's a bigger problem for the c4s also.


    Re: Christian, any info on an eventual C2S?

    Humm, I'm not too sure about that.
    My problem is that I wouldn't want to lose the warranty by doing modifications on the car.
    I've been thinking:
    Is it silly to change a C4C for a C2 or a C4S?
    Either would be equiped with X51 and X73/74, but I it's still not a huge difference.
    My girlfriend thinks so.
    I suppose she has a point.
    Any thoughts?

    PSM & ABS

    I would guess that the ABS is tied in with the PSM and probably they need to turn the system back on to have the ABS function. To have it completely disconnectable would require a seperate ABS system and then you would have problems getting them to work together.

    Easier just to turn it all back on under braking.




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