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    997 Turbo: Wait 1-2 Model Years?

    I have found this Porsche forum highly informative with the give-and-take lively but civilized as I eagerly await the 997TT. Similar to the comment made on the thread re. buying or renting/leasing a 997, with the suggestion to wait for an '06 or '07 to presumably "get the bugs out" of the 997, would anyone make a similar suggestion for those of us who can't wait another month, let alone another year, for the 997TT?

    For the 996TT, were there gremlins and other bugs the first year of production that were rectified the next MY? Or do we think that Stuttgart has its act together this time round with the 997TT?

    For me, I have saved the dough so leasing with extra interest payments is not necessary, although the comments re. hedging one's bets with a lease in case of a lemon were an interesting point. At least in the USA, increasing interest rates and flat stock market returns in my view make leasing less favorable from a $ standpoint.

    This may all be a moot discussion for me, though, since the waiting game is Chinese Water Torture. . . .

    Re: 997 Turbo: Wait 1-2 Model Years?

    Welcome aboard Al .

    I would say leasing or purchasing options all depends on the individulas. There are people like RC and me that the longest we keep a car is 2 to 3 years max, so purchasing wouldn't make much sense since you really won't have any equity built up by the time you're ready to get a new car.

    As far as 996TT bugs when it came out, I personally can't think of any issues or concerns regading that car. I have many friends that owned one and still do from the time it was introduced in the U.S. '01 model, and no one had any issues with that car (996TT).
    I know there were some minor bugs when the 996 MKII came out but none on the 996TT as far as I know.

    Re: 997 Turbo: Wait 1-2 Model Years?

    My personal opinion is to buy the car when you're ready and to not worry about buying the first model year of a car. Bugs can happen and they will get fixed. Regardless of the year of the car. The way I look at it, you only have so many years of enjoyment out of driving a car so do it while we're all still relatively young. When the 997TT comes out, I will probably only have my 997S a year, two at the max and will have to make a decision. But I won't be afraid to buy the first year 997TT if that's the car I want.

    Re: 997 Turbo: Wait 1-2 Model Years?

    I bought my 996 Turbo as is not first year of production...but i had after 600km the car wrecked due to a power steering liquid leak and after the tranny replaced for the popping out second gear bugs are not a problem only of first MY..

    so..don't worry!!

    Re: 997 Turbo: Wait 1-2 Model Years?

    Ron (Houston) said:
    There are people like RC and me that the longest we keep a car is 2 to 3 years max

    Sounds like you're long overdue for a new Porsche, then, Ron. When are you going to pull the trigger?

    Re: 997 Turbo: Wait 1-2 Model Years?

    Sounds like I should just get in line and stop worrying. . . .



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